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Does anyone know what prepaid Visa debit card allows you to withdraw more than $300.00 dollars at one time?

Asked by silky1 (1505points) December 5th, 2013

My checks were being direct deposited through a financial service,which recently changed providers.
the new service is through MetaBank.
They have changed the amount of a one time withdrawal from my usual $500 to $300. So in fact I have to make 2 separate withdraws to get all my money and be charged 2 withdrawal fees instead of one. I need a new financial service.

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You can contact your bank to find out what the current limit is on your account and have them increase the withdrawal limit. Contact customer service (MetaBank) at 1–866-331–8745; they can help you.

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Why is the financial institution choice your employers?
Citibank is a large banking service with Visa debit cards. There will be a monthly bank account charge however. There is “no free lunch” for banking but MetaBank is known as a high fees and charges banking institution.

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I’ve always thought it has more to do with the bank you’re withdrawing from than the card itself. This is a very interesting question. I’m going to follow it. Maybe I’ll learn something!

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From what I’ve seen, MetaBank is sketchy enough that I would almost quit my job for having an employer that is either corrupt or stupid enough to go through MetaBank. Seriously, it almost sounds to me like your employer is getting kickbacks from MetaBank for this deal.

Then again, I find the use of prepaid debit cards as opposed to regular ones attached to a checking account are, at best, predatory. People who have no option to use regular debit cards because they can’t get a checking account really should deal strictly cash. Prepaid cards are strictly for money laundering and for people who are bad at math.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I would go to a local credit union. Not bank; credit union. They tend to have lower fees for the stuff that banks charge a lot for, and most things a bank will nickel-and-dime you for (like withdrawal fees, speaking to a teller…) are free. Plus, they tend to have more lenient requirements for opening an account in the first place than banks do. I have no problems pulling out $800 cash at a whack when I have that much in there.

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@jerv “Prepaid cards are strictly for money laundering and for people who are bad at math.”

On that vein I have a situation and a question for you. I don’t have credit cards and I didn’t have cash on me one day and went in to “Dollar General” because they have signs everywhere that claim that they accept paypal. So, I get to the register and I’m all ready to enter my email and password when I’m asked for my phone number? Apparently, they sell paypal pay as you go cards which has nothing to do with paypal accounts and I need to buy a card and fill it in order to use it there.

I mean, you can attach the card to your account but I’ve never needed a card to use paypal and it’s certainly not a “pay as you go” type of company. My understanding of paypal is that it’s an online bank that sends and receives money through my email address. Or at least, that’s how I’ve used it for years.

Paypal has never asked me to buy anything in order to make a purchase. Is this a scam do you think? This store claims to use a service but misrepresents how that service is used. I talked to the manager and explained how paypal actually works and that it has nothing to do with a “pay as you go” card and she just looked frozen and confused like a roadside deer in headlights.

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@DWW25921 I know Paypal has legitimate prepaid cards. Whether or not that was what Dollar General was selling though….

There are reasons I like going direct when possible; some middlemen are sketchy, and there is always the possibility that someone unaffiliated will pose as a middleman. If I were to get a Paypal card, I’d rather get it straight from the source

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@jerv I would never buy one in a store. Thanks for the insight.

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