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If a cop was trying to pull you over for speeding but it was an emergency, would you pull over?

Asked by chill_out (116points) June 26th, 2008

I always wondered what the proper conduct is. Do you stop get out of the car quickly and get the cop to escort you? Do you just keep going and let the cop follow you?

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That would get you in a lot of trouble.

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Getting out of the car is even more dangerous.
If you step out of that car, you’re immediately a threat to the police officer. You don’t want to be in that position.
Pull over, and explain it to the officer.

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Hell yeah, I would pull over! Is that a serious question? And NO never ever get out of your car when a cop pulls you over unless they specifically instruct you to. They will take it as aggression and respond accordingly.

If you get pulled over for speeding and it’s an emergency your best bet is to explain what’s going on to the cop and hope for the best. If you were to keep going, you’d be facing some pretty serious criminal charges. And even if they end up dropping the charges a couple months down the road- you’re not going to get where you’re going any faster by not stopping, because whenever you do stop- you will be promptly arrested.

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please pull over when you see lights flashing in your rear view mirror, emergency or not. cops are the law and you already break the law when you resist. pull over and let police make the call about what to do next. once you explain “respectfully,” he or she will probably even offer escort with lights and sirens.

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You know those bars on the front of cop cars? Those are used to wreck your car and force you to stop. Not stopping while undoubtedly bump up your emergency response time..

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What is the emergency? If the problem is that there is a bomb attached to my vehicle that would explode if I slowed below a certain speed then I would not stop.

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^ someone has seen too many movies.

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@phoenyx—LOL you “speed” demon.

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I think we all agree YES STOP

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The only way I will not stop is if it’s an unmarked car. In that case, I would dial * 711 on my cell phone and verify that it is a real cop. Otherwise, stop and let the cop help you with your emergency. There was a story in Gainesville Florida a couple of years ago where a woman was tackled by police and arrested because she failed to pull over. She thought she didn’t have to because she was ruching to see her Father, who had a heart attack.

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What is *711?

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Star 711. It calls your local police department for non emergency calls. For example, if you want to report and agressive driver or someone who appears to be drunk driving, you dial that number. I don’t know if it works in all states tho.

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Doesn’t in Ohio.
For Columbus, our non-emergency line is 645–4545

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That is so helpful, Scamp! Thank you so much!
Oh, doesn’t work in OH? I wonder if it works in CA. Anyone know?

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It apparently goes by city

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I had a semi-emergency, and I pulled over. My six month-old had been up all night screaming. He had a burst ear drum, I was taking him to the doctor, and he was screaming his head off in the back seat. I was going about fifteen miles over the speed limit through a business district. The cop pulled me over, I explained the situation (over the screaming of my son), he gave me a ticket.

Granted, I was not in labor or anything, but it crossed my mind to keep going and let him follow me to the doctor’s office…

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Did you contest it, or were you just too tired to bother?

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Depends on the emergency. Absolutely not in some situations, yes most of the time.

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I didn’t contest it. You’re right, I was just too tired.

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if you are close, like within half a mile, it is legal to slow, and let the cop follow you to a safe location.

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Sort of. If you’re within a half-mile, they’re certainly not going to be calling for backup and reaching for their guns. However, this fact remains: if you exit your vehicle without being instructed to do so, you will be treated as hostile.

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yeah i guess more than a half mile. i know you are allowed to find a place where you feel safe, before you actually stop

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Here is a little more info on711

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