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Is Dublin Dr. Pepper worth it to you?

Asked by robmandu (21306points) June 26th, 2008

It’s made with pure imperial cane sugar instead of the more prolific high-fructose corn syrup. Usually comes at a price premium, assuming you can find it.

Would it be worth it to you to pay more for cane sugar than HFCS if the choice was right there at hand? Reasons pro and/or con?

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Well I go back and forth from San Antonio to Dallas a lot so I pick up a case or two when I am coming or going, so I would say yes, it is worth taking the back road. Also it comes at the same price as regular Dr. Pepper.

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-Well if you buy it in person.

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I can’t say for Dr. Pepper. It makes me ill. But Coke from Mexico is still made with real sugar and it is really good.

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I need to shop where you do, @porkandsoda… even in cans, the Dublin DP six-pack costs at least $1–2 more than the regular.

And don’t even get me going on the scam that is those little 8oz. glass bottles (applies to Coke, DP, whatever).

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Haha, well I go to the original Dublin factory and they have a gift shop where you can buy 24 for 10 bucks, I don’t know if that is irregular but 10 bucks in person is better than paying for all that shipping and handling. I think it could be up to $40 just to ship two 24 packs.

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I’ve written about the joys of Mexican Coke and will go without rather than drink the HFCS swill now. I’ve been spoiled. A case is $17.50 at Costco – I drink one per day and it’s worth every penny.

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Nice article, @pupn! And now I know what to look for on my next foray to Costco.

Oh, and thanks for giving me yet another thing to spend my outcome on.

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Is it labeled “Mexican Coke?” I suppose I could get off my arse and find out, but Costco is far away, and my air conditioner is…nice.

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My only adventure into Mexico was years ago and I was told not to drink the water. It was a very hot summer day in Juarez, so i ordered a coke. It came in a sealed bottle, and when i opened it more than just liquid came out. I never quite figured it out, but I was hoping it was only sand. Needless to say, I’ve never tasted Mexican coke and probably never will.

I can, however, taste the difference between cane sugar, beet sugar and HFCS. I’ll vote for the cane, any day, provided it doesn’t have any “extras”.

Nothing beats Dr. Pepper with cane sugar, but my mother was a southerner, so, like buttermilk, I was introduced to it at a young age, but in very small quantities.

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I’ve never heard of these items. I don’t believe it is sold here in TN. There is an outstanding root beer made in Wisconsin that I have shipped to me called Sprecher. I pay more for it.

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BevMo sells a variety of specialized soft drinks. My favorite is Barritt’s of Bermuda Ginger Beer.

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I don’t drink soda with sugar, but here is my two cents on HFCS from another thread.

“Archer Daniels Midland (who are truly evil in my book in case you are following this thread, reed) have managed to sell the food industry into adding corn syrup into much of what we consume and replace other, healthier forms of sugar with corn syrup contributing mightily to the twin epidemics of type II diabetes and obesity.”

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