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How do you like your toast?

Asked by Sunny2 (18842points) June 4th, 2011

I’ve been served toast may ways: hot, cold, pale, brown and burnt. My preference is pale and hot. With butter and apricot jam. How about you?

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Dark brown and buttery. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

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Medium brown with butter. Same goes for toasted sammiches.:D

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As croutons, in soup.

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Medium brown with melted butter and maybe a little grilled cheese on top. (disappears into kitchen.)

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Medium-rare to medium with butter and half a jar of jelly. Or: with nutella and jelly.

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Pale, hot, and lathered with peanut butter and streaks of honey. That’s how I prefer my waffles, too.

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dark brown, almost burnt. With butter and cheese and veggies ;)

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with marmalade or marmite

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I prefer English Muffins lightly-crisp & buttered.

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Hot, brown, buttered lightly, with blackberry jam or marmalade.

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Toasted with:
Cheese spread and whole cranberry jelly or homemade jam
Brie or triple cream Blue cheese
Salted white fish or salted salmon

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Butter side down on the floor.;)

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Burnt with lots of butter.

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Very light – golden brown with peanut butter and jam.
Or just with butter.

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I prefer mid-level brownness, I like it hot, and I usually have with jam or preserves. When I was little I used to have toast with butter, but I don’t seem to do that much anymore and I think that’s for the best :)

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Dark brown, hot with melted butter and strawberry jam.

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Medium and with almost anything on it. I like my sandwiches toasted. Buttered toast is a comfort food for me.

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Medium-brown and hot, with butter and marmite.

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I like them charred as shit. Good for you, too. Plus it makes all this cool, loud crunchy sound when you eat it.

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@lucillelucillelucille Do you pick it up from the floor or do you get down on the floor and lap it up?

@Symbeline Charcoal helps if you have diarrhea. I’m not sure charred toast will do the same, bread and wood being very different. I’m sorry if you have a chronic condition.

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Charred, burnt, crisped, nuked, megaflared, whatever, black crunchy toast.

…coal helps with the runs?

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Made by my hubby, whilst I lie in bed…in which case anyway it comes!!

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@Symbeline Charcoal, in pill form, can help with diarrhea, yes.

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