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Tattoo location on forearm?

Asked by elhaha1001 (383points) December 8th, 2013

I have been thinking of getting a tattoo on my forearm. The thing is that I don’t whether I should have it tattooed on the outer side or the inner side of the forearm.

The tattoo is a quote tattoo, not pictures.

If you were to get a tattoo or have got a tattoo, which location of the forearm do you think is best?

*and also, any suggestion on what to do for beginners? maybe before or after getting the tattoo?

thanks :)

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Inner Forearm will look better in my opinion, but it hurts more than the outer arm. In some countries visible tattoos may reduce the chances of getting a job, but that depends on various factors.
You can go through this Beginner’s Guide to Getting a Tattoo

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Most everyone I’ve seen with a quote on their forearm has put it on the inner side. It’s a little more discreet than the outer side.

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inner arm, wrist up.

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If you ask me… Inner arm and as close to your armpit as possible.

i don’t like tattoos

I am curious on the quote you’ve chosen though…

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Inner forearm, definitely.

I hope you work (and will always work) in a field that allows visible tattoos, because having to cover it up with long-sleeved shirts in the summer would suck.

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I agree. Inner arm would be best. I have a small one on my inner wrist. It’s not as painful as you might think.

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I’ve never seen a tattoo on the outside of someone’s forearm; they’re normally on the inside. To be clear, we’re talking about the part of the arm below the elbow, closer to your hand than your shoulder.

I was going to offer a caveat about it not being coverable by most clothing, but I see that @livelaughlove21 beat me to it. Make sure this is what you want.

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Inner arm, no black.

I think tattoos that are not outlined in black are the only ones worth having. Make them look twice to see if it’s actually a tattoo, and what it says. Subtle is better…scream it at them and they’ll turn away, whisper and they’ll lean in closer to hear what you mean.

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Another vote for inner.

But I don’t foresee myself ever tattooing my forearm.

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Why would you want to deface your body like that? Remember, a tattoo is permanent and when you get older, it won’t look anything like it does when you’re younger. Why not show the fact you’re an individual and not a member of the crowd and NOT get one? (And think of how much money you could have to spend on something else!!) It’s up to you….it’s your body…just sayin’........

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^ Your whole body looks different when you’re older.

I really, really don’t get that argument. “Wait, when you’re 80 that’s going to look awful!” Yeah, and so will your wrinkles, spider veins, and liver spots. So what?

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I want a tattoo. I’m already a little older so I don’t have to worry about it looking different when I’m a little older. :)

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thanks for the replies everyone :)

@livelaughlove21 @glacial getting a tattoo has been in my bucket list but I wouldn’t get a tattoo unless i’m really sure about what design or words I should get. And i have definitely though about work environment for sure.
I am an open minded person, so I would (and have to) make sure that I would work in an open minded environment. Sometimes they have unreasonable rules which I have to avoid.

@whitenoise I will be getting the tattoo in two weeks (I hope) so maybe I could share the result here :):)

@TheRealOldHippie in my world the crowd don’t have tattoos. So I’m basically not a member of the crowd by getting one :)

I’m still open to more suggestions by the way

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My son wound up with a 1978 Pinto. He LOVES that car! He got the VIN tattooed on the inside of his arm.

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everyone seems to say the inner forearm. why not the outer one?

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I assume because it’s less noticeable. There may come a time when, for some reason, you might want it to be unobtrusive.

Also, I think the outside would hurt more. But I don’t know. Don’t got no tattoos.

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The inside is more subtle. The outside of the forearm is visible at all times. Which is fine if you’re all sleeved out and you want everything to be seen. But it seems the quote is something personal to the arm’s owner, and not a statement being made to the world. Inside. Close to the body.

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If I were to get a forearm tat, I’d get it on my inner forearm, as it would feel more personal to me, and also wouldn’t be covered in hair all the time…

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My boyfriend got one on his outer forearm. Not like, the top of it but kinda more along the side (if you had your hands at your sides, palms in, the area you would see from the back). It looks pretty great there.
Inner forearm tattoos make me think of prison camps.

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Just my opinion… Since it is a quote, it sounds like something personal and meaningful to you. I think the inner forearm shows a higher regard for the tattoo. It is there for you and not just for show.

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Also, there is a lot more hair on the outer forearm. Eventually the hair would grow back over the tattoo. If you didn’t want hair on the tattoo, you would have to maintain the area.

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Ya’ll must be hairy people!

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Asking for a hair no-no for xmas.

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@Juels , send me the second free one! Hahaha

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@elhaha1001 “seems to say the inner forearm. why not the outer one”

It’s just the way people do it – if it’s on the bicep or upper arm, then usually the tattoo goes on the outside. If on the forearm, then usually it goes on the inside. I think those who mention hair might be right – the forearm is hairier than the upper arm, so it will look better if the tattoo is on the inside.

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busy looking at the hair on my arms….

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Not to sound too obvious, but some people are hairier than others, regardless of gender. Body hair is not abnormal.

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I know that. It’s a characteristic of mammals @livelaughlove21. Just playin’ around.

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Big eagle across the chest; tomorrow will be a dinosaur.

Inner, outer… are you the one who wants to be looking at it all day long, or is it for others to see. And why?

I say save the money, pain, and ridiculous factor; get the T-Shirt.

Don’t mind me; I’m old.

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My daughter has a tattoo on her forearm, on the front. She has for about 10 years. It’s sort of a Fleur di liss funky thing. It’s cool. If the hair on her arm detracts from it, I couldn’t tell. I went to watch her twins today and at one point we had the following conversation:

“Mom…why are you sniffing my arm?”
“I’m not sniffing. I’m examining. With my eyes. This is an important bit of Fluther research.”
“Ok, ok.”

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Hi everyone, I’ve got my tattoo :D
you can all see the picture here
esp @whitenoise

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I hope it brings you joy!

Happy New Year.

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Nice! You can hug your babies with that!

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Well… I like your quote… That may well be the key to happiness…

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