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Today is a better day than yesterday, agree?

Asked by zenzen (4077points) December 8th, 2013

Why is that – for you?

For me, less pain, less weight less hair. Scratch the third one.

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Yes, today I can relax, yesterday I was working. Also, I’m eating bacon right now.

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Nope… one day less potential to life. :-)

Actually … today is a great day. Yesterday was my weekend, though. Love my weekends.

How I long for bacon…

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Yes. I finally told my friends something I’ve been wanting to tell them all week, and they reacted very kindly.

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I haven’t really experienced today to the fullest, so I’ll have to get back to you later. It’ll probably end up being the same as yesterday, though…studying on top of studying.

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Same shit, different day. Today I’ll be grocery shopping, doing laundry, and studying for my Cognitive Psych and Latin American Civ finals. Yesterday I shot a shotgun for the first time – much more exciting than laundry.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, provided my gynecologist doesn’t find any suspicious lumps in my breasts. Then I can relax. That is, until my intense irrational fear of breast cancer resurfaces in a few months.

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It’s laundry day for me, too! Thanks for reminding me!

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False. I had yesterday off. Today I have to work. Booooo!

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They’re all just as good as the last, except for rainy Monday mornings in January, they suck all kinds of arse.

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Yes,today is better than yesterday because yesterday i have work but today i d’ont have work.

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It was supposed to be! But I woke up late and am now worried about finishing my work outdoors while there’s still light. So as soon as this coffee is done, I’m outta here.

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I’d say they’re the same. Rainy and chilly.

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Well ,Yes yesterday I had to work today I don’t ,hence better day.

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Yes. It’s snowing today. Yesterday was full of sunshine.

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Of course.

“Today” is always the best day, because yesterday is past and tomorrow may never happen.

“Right now” it the best that there ever is.

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I don’t agree. I am going to have my exams very soon. Every yesterday is better than today as the days keep on going down.

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Yesterday was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Today is the anniversary of the assassination of John Lennon.
Let’s just hope tomorrow is better.

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Nope. I have been sick for a week and still feel like shit today. It sucks, it is gorgeous out, sunny with sparkling snow and I want to go out and play, take a drive but I am too sick to leave the house. Bah Humbug!

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I agree, at least temperature wise.

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Awwww, @Coloma, I’m so sorry you’re under what sounds to be beautiful weather. Feel better fast, okay?

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My final has been turned in, and it’s snowing!

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Sometimes, except for when it is not.

Yesterday I did make new connections and revisited some old ones. Today I am organized well rested and exercised extra hard and solved a potentially bad problem with relative ease. And today is not yet over maybe I will learn that how to illusion knit for a Christmas present and watch the first episode of Bonnie and Clyde which I am already obsessed with.

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@ibstubro I liked what you said. That’s how we all need to look at life.
@Coloma I hope you feel better soon.
Today is a better day than yesterday because it is the beginning of a new week.

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Thanks, larvae.

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