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Is there any single thing that you can think of when you are highly stressed and all of a sudden the stress perishes?

Asked by khajuria (255points) December 10th, 2013

I had been trying to think about things/memories that I endear when I am stressed so that I can cool off….but its like these happy moments are not potent enough to solve the matter.
Did any of you try it? I know you must have. How far did you succeed?

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Not things, but people. My Mom and my partner.

Edited to add: Land lots of land under the starry skies above! Being up in Northern Michigan. Land, lakes, rolling hills and wildflowers..

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Sex, sex, sex, and more sex. It is a cure-all. Always gets my mind off of other problems. If that doesn’t work, then open your favorite book and start reading.

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My daughter, the smile on her face. She’s always the first one who can clear my mind and make all my problems vanish. Just thinking about her makes me happy and brings me up when I’m down.

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A few years ago when my company worklife was really getting me down I somehow stumbled onto the ability to talk myself down in moments of great stress or agitation. It didn’t / doesn’t always work or last for a long time, but when it does work it’s magical.

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No I’m far too depressed for that to work. Maybe if I had a person but I don’t.

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A titillating idea, @ucme.

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I personally refer to them as titties @Pachyderm_In_The_Room but with this being general I thought i’d act a little mature…it won’t last long.

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Or are you talking strictly about a mental “trick”
If so, I think about the Big Bang.

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@ucme, I never been a fan of that euphemism myself, but in this context—and especially because it pays a bit of homage to my old-as-dirt pun—I can’t knock(er) it.

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I think about the love of my dearest friends.

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Usually it’s spending time with my daughter or my wife. But there are times when one or the other (or both) are part of the stress of the situation. At that time, it’s spending time alone out in my garden. Especially in nice weather, but even in the winter it gives me a space to slow down and realize the things that really matter in my life.

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