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What is the difference between these two services?

Asked by jordym84 (4747points) December 12th, 2013

I’m trying to book an appointment for the written portion of my drivers license test for a week from today. On my local DMV’s website, there are a few different options for the type of service I’m looking for, two of which are: First Time U.S. License and Learner’s Permit.

When I choose the former, it says that there are no times available for booking, but when I choose the latter, I have my pick of appointment days/times.

Is there a difference between the two? I’m assuming that, since they’re listed separately, they’re two different types of services, but would it matter if I chose Learner’s Permit instead of the other option?

I’ve looked all over the website, but there’s no clear differentiation between the two, unless I’m missing it.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Here’s the appointment booking website to which I’m referring.

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Ah.. Florida. Your best bet might be to go old school and call them in the morning.

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Learner’s permit in Florida means you have driving privileges, but they will be restricted. Once you’ve obtained your permit you must always be accompanied by a licensed driver in the front passenger seat. This driver must be 21 years of age or older. For the first 3 months after the date you received your permit, you can only drive during daylight hours.After the first 3 months, you may drive between the hours of 6:00 am and 10:00 pm.

If you have never been issued a drivers license in any state or country the state of Florida requires that you complete a First Time Driver education course.
Florida first time driver courses teach drivers how drugs and alcohol affect driving, traffic responsibilities and laws and techniques for safe driving.

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I agree. The most accurate answer you can receive is by calling them or going inside. I’ve always thought learner’s permits were for people under 21 or 18. If you’re older than that you’d need to choose the license.

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Getting a Learner’s Permit involves taking written test, and then you get your paperwork an dog off and learn to drive.

A First Time Driver’s License involves both a written test and a Driving Test, it is a much more involved process, and more staff intensive for the DMV, which is why it is harder to get an appointment.

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Thanks everyone!! :)

I guess my next question is, which of the two options is better suited for me? I’m over 21 and have never had a license.

I did call the DMV but the lady on the phone was very short with me and, not only did she not answer my question, but she also cut me off before I could ask another one.

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@jordym84 Sorry about that :) Yeah, I should warn you employees at the DMV aren’t very friendly, at least not in the states I’ve lived in. Some might be, just depends on who you get.

Usually there should be information on your DMV state’s website about first time drivers if you’re over 18. I would imagine since you’re over 21 and have never had a license, you would need to get a regular driver’s license and not a permit. Don’t forget to bring in all necessary documents to the DMV. Good luck.

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