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How do you learn from the way your poop smells?

Asked by susanc (16139points) June 26th, 2008

Poop smells different at different times, depending on what you ate, whether you’re ill, what you’re ill with. How to diagnose?

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I learn that I need to eat more fiber, I also might learn what not to eat before a nice party or date.

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I have seen it all here in Fluther….

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Hey, I think it’s a good question. I’m eager to hear some real answers here! Anyone know?

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I don’t really go by the smell, I’m more of a visual learner. If its white, something is definitely wrong. Or red or blue or any color other than brown, actually. Green is suspect. Sorry I couldn’t be much help…

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That is how ive learned every single thing i know to date

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easy, just keep a poopfolio of pictures of all the poops you take, and then you can track any changes

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Chinese acupuncturists use it as a diagnosis tool. Take that part of the test:

Abrupt, violent diarrhea that is foul smelling, yellow, and causes a hot sensation in the anus indicates…

a. retention of undigested food

b. Spleen and Stomach Qi deficiency

c. Damp/Heat stagnation in the Large intestine

d. Damp/Heat stagnation in the Spleen and Stomach

Diarrhea, borborygmus, excrement that smells like rotten eggs, abdominal pain that subsides after bowel movement.

a. Damp/Heat

b. improper diet

c. Spleen deficiency

d. Damp/Cold

Constipation, clear and profuse urine, preference for warmth, intolerant of cold.

a. Qi and Yin deficiency

b. Cold accumulation from Yang deficiency

c. Qi stagnation

d. Blood deficiency

Dysentery is characterized by…

a. tenesmus (feel as though a bowel movement is needed but do not pass stool)

b. stool consisting of undigested food

c. diarrhea with involuntary control of fecal discharge

d. watery diarrhea, borborygmus, foul smelling excrement

Discharge of purulent bloody stools, abdominal pain, tenesmus.

a. Damp/Heat in the Large intestine

b. Damp/Heat in the Liver meridian

c. Lingering diarrhea due to deficient Large intestine

d. Stomach indigestion

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marina that was incredible.

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waterskier that’s not a bad idea, maybe I will put mine up on Flickr so everyone will have a chance to learn.

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I worked with a salesman once that my graphic design colleague dubbed “Eric the sh*tmeister”, because every day he would regale us with vivid descriptions of his baby’s poops complete with color, texture, etc.

@bulbatron9 Be warned regarding your newborn. This is not a topic others will find as fascinating as you do.

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When to (courtesy) flush.

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Hey guys,
most of you answered the question WHAT do you learn from the smell of your poop. But I sincerely don’t want to know anything about that. I wanted to know the diagnostic system.
Thanks Marina as always.

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