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Do you eat ramen with or without the broth?

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) June 27th, 2008

i saw a question about putting toppings on ramen noodle soup. so heres the question. i used to leave the extra water on from cooking and then eat it with broth. when i moved to college my roommate would make it and then drain the water and put the spice stuff on. so here it is, what do you guys do?

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I like them dry, tastes more fired-like.

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i haven’t had those things in years, but I have had baked ramen before, which would be considered dry, i guess. it was really good. i tried to duplicate the recipe, but it never worked for me. i also used to just eat them raw without the seasoning, which was a good snack as well.

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What’s with all the ramen questions from you?

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I boil them in water then strain the water out. it gives them more of an oriental noodle taste.

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I eat the container w/o either broth or noodles. More nutritious.

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it’s soup! you’re supposed to eat them with the broth! look at the picture on the front of the package. also, @gailcalled, you can certainly add to nutritional value by including vegetables & stuff—really any leftovers in your fridge—just like making any soup.

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@gail – haha.
@jackson – I am in agreement about it being soup. I generally add soy sauce, mirin, chili oil, and sesame oil to the water while it’s cooking, and make my own broth, forgoing the dreaded flavor packet all together.

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@jackson; Once I have boiled the water, I find making real soup very easy and don’t like the sodium and other “ingredients” listed.

So I make my own flavor packet. Now there’s fresh dill, basil, taragon, mint, Bragg’s and beautiful fresh veggies. Or cold gazpacho made in the Cuisinart.

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@ezra: once one gets past a certain age, one looks for fiber anywhere one can, or as the sign said on the popcorn dispenser in Merdian, Mississippi, “popcorn is a necessary roughage” (and so is the carton sometimes).

@gail: I’ll be over for gazpacho, set an extra place and get Milo ready for his pedicure (I wish).—-you won’t believe this but in Montserrat, Spain, I opted for the vichyssoise,
I love cold soup

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@ezraglenn I didn’t think anyone could make ramen sound good, (thus my earlier thread grumpiness), but you actually did! Of course, after all that, why bother with the ramen? You could use a better quality noodle in your tasty dish.

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@marina, this is true, but Ramen is so beautifully easy.

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I like ‘em both ways.

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I only eat the broth.

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I ditch the flavour sachet too. I make my own soup from Tom Yum paste, coconut cream, lime juice, fish sauce and tamarind.

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I gotta say, ramen (with the packet) is a true guilty pleasure for me. I know there is absolutely no nutritional value to it, but it tastes so. damn. GOOD! May as well discuss the nutritional value of beer, something else I enjoy.
As an aside, hope nobody was booted for mentioning this thread…

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I prefer mine like this.

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I eat the ramen then i drink the broth after :D

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I used to always eat it with, but sometimes I have it without.

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I always drink the broth first so that I can enjoy all the noodles at once. I don’t know if that makes sense.

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With broth, though I haven’t eaten ramen for years.

@Gail – Ha ha ha! ;-)

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noodles with broth flavor pack plus tobasco sauce.

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