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Help finding a foreign WWII movie?

Asked by Ezekiel (12points) December 15th, 2013

I remember seeing it in theaters as a kid. It was all subtitled, so I had to be of reading age, so it had to have come out somewhere in the late 90’s to early 2000’s.

The movie centered around a young boy during WWII. My memory is hazy but I think I remember him peeing himself and his mom’s boyfriend chastising him about it. I also remember him meeting up with some other boys, and the boys fired off a bullet with a nail and hammer.
I think the mom’s boyfriend died at the end of the movie, I’m not sure, the young boy might have killed him.

I think the film was in polish or in one of those other Nordic, Slavic, or Germanic languages. I could be wrong about that too..

I can’t for the life of me remember the title so if anyone could help me that would be amazing!!

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The nail and hammer scene sounds like one from the film Hope and Glory, though it was set in England and unlikely to be subtitled. Further discussion of that scene and others here.

I can’t find any foreign films with this or the other scenes you’ve described.

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Hope and Glory is correct. It is in English.
There was a scene where the family returns home to find their house burned down. The Mother is proud for a moment that her house was bombed by the Germans, but then the fire department tells her that there was no air raid; her house just caught fire.

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Perhaps I’m mixing two movies up. What about a young boy peeing himself? And the mom having a boyfriend? I think I remember him catching them have sex. Not sure. I remember it not being in english for sure, because I couldn’t keep up with how fast the subtitles were going sometimes.

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