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What are you giving the kids on your gift list this year, and when you answer, can you specify the ages of the kids you're purchasing/giving for?

Asked by jca (35969points) December 16th, 2013

What are you giving the kids on your gift list this year? What are the ages of the kids you are giving to?

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My “kids ” are in their 30’s. I am getting them Nomex/Kevlar gloves. They are both technical geeks and will enjoy them.
And I will get foods they like, of course.

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My son is 17 & my daughter 14, his main pressie is a PS4 & hers an iPhone.

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@ucme You can adopt me if you’d like…

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@ucme How in the FUCK did you find a PS4??
My child is 19. He’s getting a Ruger 308 shotgun…..

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Son 18 (sr. in high school) Daughter 15 (sophomore).

Both are getting new laptops, as the daughter’s is on its last legs, and the son’s is getting woefully out of date. They both got the current ones for Christmas five years ago.

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@DWW25921 No thanks, I don’t know where you’ve been.
@Katniss Haha, pre-ordered one for guaranteed xmas delivery, just call me Santa.

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The 9 year old is getting lots of Skylanders Swap Force (he has the game already) characters, and a replacement for his failing Nintendo 3DS device. Oh, and a “gaming” chair. This morning, however, his requested Pokemon cards and a bowtie were his topped wished for items.

The 12 year old (girl) wanted signed books by her current favorite author (John Green) and she already got those (early) from her grandparents. Her other “big” present is a pair of Toms shoes.

The 16 year old (also girl) picked out skirts from ModCloth and German DVDs – her “big” present is a German game called “Kubb”. (Looks like a bunch of heavy wooden sticks to me!) I’m also giving her some expansion pack cards to supplement the “Cards Against Humanity” game we gave her last Christmas. (I’m big on giving things to PLAY with at Christmas..clearly.)

Our 10 yr. old surrogate son wanted Xbox games – but wanted to download them to disk, so we got him an Xbox gift card and some non-fiction books that he wanted. (Smart kid!)

My nieces and nephews are close in age with our kids, too.
The freshman in high school is saving money for a letter jacket (she is very athletic and already has some varsity letters to put on it!) – so I’ve come up with a creative idea to give her cash. I found a book I think she’ll like and I’m going to put crisp $1 and $5 bills interspersed in the pages. (That way I can wrap the book…and surprise her with the money to help towards her jacket.)

The nephews (ages 10 and 13) wanted a model wooden trebuchet that you build yourself, paracord for making more bracelets, and a nerf gun.

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My kids are ranging in age from 30 to 37. One daughter is getting a Ball Canning starter set, as she wants to start canning. The other daughter is getting bocca balls, as she and her husband like lawn games. One son is getting work boots because that is what he asked for. The other, I’m not sure yet.

The 19 year old granddaughter is getting collector barbie dolls – Ricky and Lucy.

The two 5 year old granddaughters are getting books, markers, spirograph sets, two outfits and two pairs of pj’s. I also got a Simon Says game for them to play together, but it is going to stay in the grandkids’ play room at my house.

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I have 8 grand kids so I go big for birthdays and light on Christmas. Some of the boys are getting Dispicable Me 2 talking Minions . Some of the girls are getting Fur Real toys.
One is getting a Flutterbye Flying Flower and one is getting a Hotwires Electronics Kit
Two are getting cash in a card that goes in the safe since their parents aren’t talking to us and have told us that they will throw gifts I send into the trash. :-(
With the exception of the last two they all get pajamas from us as well.

They are all under 7.

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I would like to give our sons some money. They are 19 & 21. I’m sure they would also enjoy a new game for their NIntendo DS.

I’m hoping to get our 9 year old daughter a starter acoustic guitar and a Nintendo 3DS XL.

I haven’t been able to shop yet because we are still waiting for my husband’s Christmas bonus. It should arrive by Friday, but if it doesn’t I’m going to be doing some last minute scrambling. I’m starting to panic.

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@jonsblond Nice of his employer to get those bonuses out in such a timely fashion.
That’s kinda bullshit!

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My son got a puppy.

Hiding in the closet is a small telescope and a batting tee. I think I’m going to try to sew him either a superhero costume or a Mario costume.

He’s five.

I’m also sewing superhero capes for my bestie’s two boys, and they’re getting some books as well. They are six and three.

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@Katniss A late bonus is better than no bonus, but I’m starting to worry we’ll receive a free year’s membership for the Jelly of the Month Club instead. I hope I didn’t make the mistake of expecting something we won’t receive this year. I’m not making the same mistake next year. This is stressful!

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@jonsblond I hope you didn’t put a down payment on a pool!

Seriously though, I hope you get it soon so you can breathe easy!!

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The only child I’m buying for is my niece. She’s getting the various Toy Story things that I bought for her when I went to Disney, and a couple of books. I got her a lot of Toy Story stuff, so I’m breaking it up between her birthday – which is this weekend – and Christmas.

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My 16 year old daughter is getting an iPad and a Hair No No.
My 41 year old childish husband is getting a PS4. (Signed up for alert emails from Amazon and was able to pre-order when they became available. Been hiding it since 11/18. I’m so excited for the big reveal. Told him I couldn’t find one.)

I have a ton of nieces and nephews…
4 year old girls (3) – Disney Frozen dolls, My Little Pony crap, baby doll, doll stroller.
5 year old boy – Batman cave thingy.
2 year old girls (2) – Elmo doll and dvds, Dora the Explorer doll and dvds.
12, 14, and 16 year old girls (5) – pajama pants, Henley shirts, fluffy socks, make-up, gift cards
14, 16, and 19 year old boys (3) – gift cards

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Oops forgot 7 year old nephew – Skylander game for playstation.

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I’m still wondering what they got me, always a surprise gift, can’t wait.

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I have the hardest time waiting to give gifts. I get so excited to see their reaction that I just want to give them early. Seems like Christmas is months away.

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My husband already gave his nephew (who is about 25) his grandfathers Rolex. We won’t be together on Christmas. He just about cried. It was great.

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All of them except for the newest one who is only 3 months old are getting books. The baby is getting a bib that says Auntie’s Favorite.

1 girl age 1 is getting Snow

1 girl age 3 is getting Frog and Toad are Friends

2 girls both aged 2 are getting The Sweet Smell of Christmas which is a scratch and sniff book with scents like pine and gingerbread.

1 boy aged 8 is getting The Day the Crayons Quit about crayons complaining that some of them get used more, especially the red one, and others like brown only get used for dirt and turkey.

1 boy age 9 is getting Who Was Walt Disney

1 girl age 6 is getting Vampirina Ballerina Hosts a Sleepover because she’s a dancer.

1 boy aged 9 is getting Farmer Boy (this is one of the books in the Little House series, but this particular one is about a boy, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s husband Almanzo, and his life growing up on a farm. The boys are into chapter books right now, so this one should be good.

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14-year-old: portable turntable
4-year-old: Toymail
18-month-old: Tonka dump truck

We got them little things here and there. But these are their main presents. Also sending out a gajillion new baby/parents gifts during the holidays. But not necessarily for Christmas.

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My son already got the boys, age 6 and 4, their main presents, a Mega Blocks Thomas and Friends set and a Mario game for their game system.

I’m getting them some gift cards to Toy’s R Us.

The adult grandkids and other receipients (10 total) are getting $25.00 plus $50 credit on any outstanding loans they have from us.

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My 12 yr old daughter is getting a skateboard and tons of art supplies.

My 7 yr old daughter is getting skates, dolls, and art supplies.

They’re both getting pajamas, 1 movie each, Starbucks gift cards, and a few other small things in their stockings.

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There is only one person under 18 on my Christmas gift list. She is 13, the daughter of my best friend, and I have got her some Japanese manga books and a plushy toy from the same manga.

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Oh let me see… Nothing.

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