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Anyone going to see Wall E today?

Asked by XCNuse (1192points) June 27th, 2008

I want to know how good the movie is, I can’t wait to see it!
But I’m out in the middle of the mountains and no theaters are around.

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i’m not sure when it will hit the dutch theaters, probably in 6 months, you know how backwards we are..oh, just checked IMDB, in exactly one month, yeah see, they got to put in the dutch voices, because it’s a kids movie

well, i want to check it out as it hits, seems like a fun movie

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I know how you feel, I am excited to see it as well. It is getting good reviews. I am not going today but I am going next week. I am taking my 3 year old nephew and this will be his first movie. I can’t wait!

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First of all, the name is Wall-E, not Wall E. Second, hell no, I’m not going to see this. It looks stupid.

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I want to go see it, but I have to work. =(

I’ll probably see it tomorrow or Sunday. I’m 21 and let me tell you, there is no animated movie too stupid for me.

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I saw it yesterday. One of the benefits of working at movie theater for so long is that I can still get into the screenings.

It was really good movie.

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@beast, Actually its Wall•E if your gonna be a dick about it

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I want to see it! Wall-E (I don’t know how to do the dot..) is the cutest robot ever.

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We will take the baby tomorrow!

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Going to go see it tomorrow with my fiance and some friends

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I wish I could but I’m going to a concert so there’s no time

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I never go to movies on opening night. The reviews are glowing. I’ll wait until a weeknight some time next week.

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Saw it last night and really enjoyed it, and by the reaction in the theatre, everyone else did as well. We had a little guy, about the age of 2late’s pride and joy in front of us and he made the movie even more fun with his wonderful belly laughs.

@iwamoto: there are mac jokes in it, so should like that, most of it had very little dialogue, so maybe it won’t take so long to get over to your side of the pond. Most of the dialogue wasn’t until the very end, making it a very international flick. Iwa, do they translate signs as well when they release a movie over there? There were a lot of signs in it, mostly labels.

And mcbealer, why didn’t you tell us that you (and your family) were in it? How did you land that cameo?

The short at the beginning was wonderful as well.

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awww Seesul, I hope mine gets a good laughing at the movies, he really seem to love that robot, he has the Wall•E cup, 2 t-shirts, and the toy… So we’re hoping that he enjoys the movie…

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