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For the people who saw Wall-e...

Asked by Theotherkid (889points) June 29th, 2008 from iPhone

Anyone notice that many things in the movie were similar to macintosh computers? Such as the noise that Wall-e makes when he finishes a solar charge is similar to the noise a mac makes when it starts up? Or that the lights on Eve are similar to the light on the bottom right corner on a mac? Also, under Eve’s head are lines pointing outwards as a line travels across them lighting the other lines; which is the little loading symbol at the top left of an iPhone and when a mac starts up. Lastly, the character Auto sounds like Ralph (a voice on a mac that is used for various things.) Did anyone else notice? What are your thoughts?

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Oh my goodness, oh so much of it was like a mac.

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Apple product placement?

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Was it a good movie? I want to see it.

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I thought it was the best Pixar movie yet! I went to go see it today, not expecting much from it, but I realized there was a much larger plot. The characters were great, the sound was great (of course the mac ones were! :-P), the animation was great, and the plot was great.

5 out of 5 from me!

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There was a whole Mac vs. Windows with Eve and Wall-e. Wall-E made the windows sound when he charged up! He’s old and clackity and needs things to be replaced and is way too complicated. Eve is sleek, simple, gorgeous, and… well… very mac. No one else in the theater caught it, too. But my girlfriend and I were laughing our asses off about it.

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Wall-e made a windows noise? It sounded suspiciously like a mac…;-)

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@Theotherkid: I was curious about that much larger plot. I know it’s only been out a few days and we don’t want to spoil it for everyone. Perhaps you can PM me your thoughts. I think I jumped the gun on my question but I was just SO intrigued by the movie.

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Jonathan Ive was the one who designed eve (the white robot) so that makes sense… also, Steve Jobs is on the Pixar board.

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I went to see it, I seriously hate it.. Kung Fu Panda was way better!

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Pixar likes Macs more!

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@Delerium Wall-E was making the startup chime from the original SE/30 and Mac II series of computers. Examples here.

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It was no coincidence. Not only was Pixar owned by Steve Jobs before it was sold to Disney, but he still serves on the board of directors. Also Jonathan Ive was mentioned as the one who designed EVE, and if anyone didn’t know, he’s the same man that designed the iMac, the iBook, the iPod, the iPhone, etc… so you could see how and why there would be similarities between those products and EVE.

I think the contrast between EVE and WALL-E wasn’t at all Mac vs. PC- someone mentioned that WALL-E made the start up sound of the older Macs, which is true, and adds to their relationship as WALL-E was much older then EVE (700+ years) and had developed a personality where as EVE was driven only by her directive (until of course she fell in love with WALL-E)

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wall•e was watching hello dolly of an iPod that he converted into a VCR.

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You know Steve Jobs used to own PIXAR? Hmm..

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Wall•E never made any Window start-up sound…wth.

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