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How difficult is it to make Choucroute?

Asked by srmorgan (6735points) December 22nd, 2013

Always wanted to make it. Not sure if this is within my talents.

Is it just assembled, do you have to make the sauerkraut? I want this authentic

Thanks to all

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This was very informative, as I had no idea what Choucroute was. Specifically I note “The sauerkraut itself is usually heated with a glass of Riesling or other dry white wines or stock, and goose or pork fat. In some recipes, it may also be cooked with chopped onion and sliced apples.”

Apparently any good kraut can be used if properly prepared.

Have you eaten this dish in it’s native country? If so, you might look for recipes from the specific locale, as otherwise you might be disappointed. It seems there’s a wide range, and “no fixed recipe for this dish.”

Bon Appétit and pass the Pepto!

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I had never heard of Choucroute until today. It was interesting to find out that it comes from the place of my family’s origins, Alsace.

This particular recipe by Emeril Lagasse doesn’t sound too difficult.

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Like others even I had to Google it. It seems to be a time consuming dish to prepare, but after going through the pictures I feel it would be definitely worth the effort. As per reviews you need to prepare the sauerkraut at least a month ahead of time to ensure optimum fermentation and tangy flavor. But I guess you get to buy the ingredients pre fermented and pre smoked. Still I think homemade sauerkraut would be best. Here is a good recipe for Choucroute Casserole.

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Sounded intriguing until I read about using the goose fat. Noooo…run Marwyn run!

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Never heard of it; sounds good, though!
@Coloma you can use butter!:-)

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To me, this sounds like a dish from trans fat hell!

I’d have to make it vegan and replace the meat with tofurkey or plain tofu, the bacon with fake bacon. I’d probably want to make the sauerkraut myself…

whooooo I’ve made homemade tofu mushroom and kale quiche with this most delicious vegan crust to go with Christmas dinner! And lentil salad, fresh homemade cranberry sauce, stuffed tofurkey…vegan’s to early I’m too hungry to talk about food.

Merry Christmas everyone! Marwyn included. My apologies for rudeness, but we will not be having you for holiday dinner ever. ;)

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