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How do I easily transfer Outlook 2010 settings, etc. to a new pc?

Asked by victord66 (201points) December 23rd, 2013

I have an Outlook 2010 setup with about 8 email accounts as well as two large .pst files, one of which is an archive file that is over 4GB is size, as well as many rule settings and folders. What would be the best way to transfer my settings to a new pc? I have ready that Windows Easy Transfer might be the way to go. I have also read instructions on how to manually transfer the files over. What is best?

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Oh, and I forgot to add that I would like to hear from people who have done this type of thing successfully. Thanks.

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So would I.

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I’ve done this with Outlook 2007 (not 2010). Moving the PST/OST and the archive is easy. Copy them to a large USB thumb drive. Set up the new machine’s Outlook profile, and in the section called DATA FILE, tell it where to look for the PST/OST and archive files. You will need to set them up and secondary data files and then eventually you will delete the one that was automatically created by the Outlook config.

Folders carry over properly. That’s not a big deal.

Rule settings: I don’t use them, so I cannot comment on how well they will transfer over. My understanding is that they are house in the ‘front’ of the PST, so they may carry over, but I cannot tell you for sure .

But the data file piece is time consuming (4gb is going to take a while to copy), but it’s an easy thing to point the new PAC to the transferred data files.

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