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Anyone know anything about Kombucha? Is it bad if you drink too much of it?

Asked by jaustrian (32points) July 10th, 2007
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It was "in" about 12 yrs ago. I had the slimy mushroom in my kitchen and brewed the stuff. We called it "the fungus amung us." The upscale market here used to sell the brew in quart bottles. It tasted like fizzy cider and seemed harmless but not the miracle that some claimed. I wouldn't gulp down quarts of it. 4 oz/daily was recommended. I eventually put my mushroom on the compost. Center for Disease Control writes about 2 deaths attributed to Kombucha;

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All I know about it is that it is really difficult to swallow that slimy stuff! Good luck with that!

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NO -DON'T eat the mushroom. You brew a beverage using regular black tea as the base. It tastes quite nice and wasn't slimy at all - a flavored bubbly drink. But its magical curative powers have been debunked...and making the stuf is a PITA. Use Emergen-C and greens instead

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I love kombucha, I brew it weekly. I have heard stories of it being “bad”. But I have never had any problems. If you are worried you might have a bad batch, you might want to test the PH. I never do though, and I’ve been fine.

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It is certainly a magic fungus. Every week or so it turns into two slimy pancakes. I used the second one on my compost heap back in the days…

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Kombucha mushroom

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