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Does She Love Me The Same As I Love Her?

Asked by tjckmr1234 (24points) December 25th, 2013

I love my girlfriend to the moon and back, I go out of my way to insure she is happy. I try so hard but she always gets jealous and thinks I am talking to other girls. Tonight she got mad at me and told me ” I don’t really wanna be around you that much” is this something your girlfriend should say to you if she loves you? She always gets mad and then leaves or tells me it’s over when I treat her like a angel. I have never done nothing that was out of the way to hurt her

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Sweetie, it’s been four months.

Let her go. No one is worth this kind of hassle after four months. Jaysus. I’m sick of her and I’ve known her for ten minutes.

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What is it exactly that you love about her? From what you have said, she treats you badly. It sounds like she enjoys hurting you.
Find someone worthy of your love.

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I love a lot of things about her, she is sweet and she does a lot of stuff for me, if she could stop getting mad and saying hurtful things to me stuff would be great

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She got mad at you on Christmas. That isn’t sweet.

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I know it is not and it’s not even the fact she got mad at me today it’s the fact that she said she dont wanna be around me that much I just don’t get it as good as I am to her :(

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It’s the old ” She’‘s just not that into you.”
It happens, pull back and don’t become a groveling, simpering, clingy dude. Not attractive.

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Walk away while you can. She is not the right girl for you. Find someone who appreciates your love and care.

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I know what you mean, you can’t make someone want you that truly don’t want you. If i’m that good to her and she don’t wanna be around me then she don’t deserve me, there are always bigger fish in the sea…

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But again I can play the game just as much as she can :)

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@tickmr1234 Nah, don’t play a game with her. Move on. Why waste the time?

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You guys are still not talking to each other but to us? Why?

(Please, not “she don’t wanna be around me,” but “she doesn’t want to be around me.”)

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It’s pretty evident she doesn’t love you the same as you love her. You can’t make someone love you. Of course, there are things you can do increase you chances, like being compassionate, kind, mindful and all that other zen bullshit. You can buy her presents, write poems, etc. However, just because you love her, doesn’t mean she’ll love you back. You know, I visit dating sites often, and a lot of the profiles say, “no games.” Why? Because these are people’s feelings on the line. That’s serious. It’s time for you to “man-up” and move on… like you said, there are “bigger” (ha!) fish in the sea.

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Gonna have to go with a ‘no’ on this one. And I’m keeping it short because I don’t feel like typing a voluminous (wow, not only is that a word but I spelled it correctly) amounts of text about why you should run, now, and not look back.

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Ask her not us. Seriously, if your relationship is so messed up that you can’t even talk about whether she feels the same as you, odds are good you are wasting your time with her. As I said in your last (very similar) question, turn and run. Fast.

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Take a deep breath, hold your head up with self-respect and appreciate the valuable lesson that your feelings will not always be reciprocated in quality or in intensity. Some time in the future you will know what it was about this girl that was special for you. You will also come to understand what characteristics she did not possess that you value highly.

At the end of a relationship, you may focus on the sense of loss. Someday you will be so grateful you did not end up with her for your life partner. Here’s a link to a song by Garth Brooks music, be sure to listen to Unanswered Prayers

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That song is amazing thank you so much :) Merry Christmas

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I am trying not to make this insulting or something, but it sounds kind of pathetic on your end. I can’t know if you are doing this because you are overly clingy with her and in doing so ignore the very obvious signs that this is going downhill fast. Don’t know either of you or more of the entire situation.

Reading your other question, and if that was really her responding she needs to work on herself. This is nothing you can do for her and her personal trust issues and whatever else. I suspect there is more than just that in why she feels certain ways. Not referring to your relationship. Can be supportive, communicate, and see where things go should you decide to stay with her. In the end these are her problems. Be direct here too, don’t sugar coat it or anything.

But think about that for a second you are now putting yourself on hold for someone else who at this point you are not even sure about. You are coming to the internet asking complete strangers for advice. And that part is ok. But the fact that you felt you had to do that should make you ponder a bit on the relationship. That is not ok.

Smoothering her with “love” and all won’t fix it.

Women hate suckers

This video may or may not give you insight and help, let me know if it does.

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In your case it might be better to let her go and find someone who appreciates you more for who you really are.

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I agree with @kritiper

Also your question sounds like a good Beatles song title or something :D

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