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How do I keep a small potted Christmas tree alive all year round?

Asked by jojo413 (4points) December 27th, 2013

2 weeks before Christmas I bought a potted 2’ Christmas tree. I live in an apartment with a balcony. I would like some hints as how to keep my tree alive all year round? What would be the best conditions to grow the tree under (keep it on the balcony)? Any advice would be more than welcome! I just love my little Christmas Tree…:)

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What temperature zone do you live in? How big is the container? How much sun does the balcony get? What about pollution from traffic, prevailing winds? Xmas trees are evergreens and like cool winters and temperate summers. What specific kind of evergreen is your tree? PIne, hemlock, balsam, spruce, tamarack?

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There is also a tropical tree that is often sold in stores and fixed up like a Christmas tree. It’s called a norfolk island pine. If it’s that kind, it can’t stand the cold, and must be kept indoors during cold weather. If yours has electric lights attached, you’ll want to mist your tree often because the lights can dry out the foliage.

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I am beginning ti think that this was spam in the making. The OP has vanished.

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