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What is the fastest time for the human body to become sculpted?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) December 28th, 2013

I am currently weighing 197.5 lbs and I have a dream to have a body like The Rock or Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am just curious about the ability of the human body and I would like to know what is the fastest time could someone achieve this goal. Could a person really achieve that in like 2 months? I personally want to take my time, but I would just like to still know what is the fastest time possible?

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No, you cannot achieve that in two months.

Arnold began bodybuilding at age ten, and won his first competition at age 17. He won Mr. Olympia in 1970, at the age of 23. So at that point he had been working 13 years, and admits to using steroids.

He won Mr. Olympia seven times, and still works out 1½ hours a day, even though he officially retired from weightlifting in 1980, after filming Conan the Barbarian.

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Most women don’t find that mega body building attractive. You may not care, but I just thought I would mention it. To get like that you have to work at it like a job. Hours a day. Probably at least three hours a day of working out, extreme diets, and some people just don’t naturally have the hormones that lead to that type of physique. If you are more moderate in your goals, working with weights consistently, some aerobics, and a lean diet of healthy protein and vegetables, you can start seeing changes in your body in a few weeks if you have been out of shape.

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You can’t change your body type. If you’re an ectomorph, no amount of weight-lifting will build a Mr. Universe physique. You’ll become taut and sinewy, which is incredibly sexy and much more appealing than bulging muscles.

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In the past it took me three to six months…by cutting out all sweets and sugar and eating healthy food and exercising ( hikes,swim,lift weights) every day. It became a way of life for me and I like it that way,however one accident took all that away.
It took me years to get rid of the excess weight gain as a result and it is now after one year that I lost over 85 Lbs and getting thinner and fitter again.
In Spring and Summer I go hiking and lost even more weight. However not so in the Winter months. I have restricted my diet to accomodate (low calories).

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