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High quality conversion from epub to pdf? Either online or Mac software.

Asked by marmoset (1167points) December 29th, 2013

I’ve tried several online conversion services (bizarre results from those, like words actually split in half—their tops on one page, their bottoms on the next).

The most highly-recommended Mac app seems to be Calibre, but I tried downloading directly from their site and one click got me 9 corrupted files.

Other Mac apps have mixed reviews.

Have you had success with anything recently? (Have you successfully downloaded Calibre, maybe from a third-party site?) Thanks!

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(, by the way, is the least-bad of the online converters I’ve found, but even that does some weird stuff like inserting page breaks where they shouldn’t be and putting in meaningless hard-coded “page x” indications every few pages)

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I have never had a problem with Calibre. Are you getting it from ?

Send me a PM and I will give you my email and you can try sending it to me and I will see if I can convert the file. Or if it is public a link would work as well.

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Thanks for the push to try again!

I was and it’s unclear what happened the first time, but on second try there is just one file that opened correctly and is working BRILLIANTLY.

(So happy to see you’re still around – you’re like the Mac-support deity of fluther :))

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I would say Calibre but…

Going from PDF to ePub is not so great. I am not sure you can go the opposite way so well. But give Calibre a try anyway.

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