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What sort of internet speed would you need for streaming TV over the internet?

Asked by inunsure (423points) January 2nd, 2014

Of course you can get different qualities but for average quality tv you’d normally watch what sort of internet speeds will you need?

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For normal quality video streaming, a 500 kbps or 1 Mbps internet speed connection would be enough. For high quality video streaming you require a 2–3 Mbps internet connection.

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This is a good reference guide. I’ve found the spec’s outlined work well for me:

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I would go higher and say you should have 1.7 mbps for standard definition television and double that for HE.

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Back when my internet download speed was around 1.8mb/s, I found that it was insufficient for streaming, and the video would be constantly buffering. Even Youtube was a chore.

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I use Netflix on a 3 Mbps connection and I can run 2 streams at once with decent quality.

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You could have a great download speed but if you are on broadband, your quality is going to be highly dependent upon how many of you neighbors are using cable at that time.

In our case we have great picture quality before 5pm and after 11pm because neighbors are not watch tv. They’ve gone to bed. At midnight the quality is utterly fantastic.

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For standard definition video you will be need 1.0 – 2.3 Mb/s for SD and for high definition i.e. 720p resolution video you will be in need of 2.3 Mb/s – 4.5 Mbs for HD and for full high definition i.e. 1080p resolution video and high definition audio you will require 4.5 Mb/s – 9 Mb/s for HDX. Hope this help you.

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