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Know any interesting stories about haunted vehicles?

Asked by Berserker (33459points) January 5th, 2014

The holidays piss me off, because it’s all happy and shit. I want some horror damn it.

Ghost stories throughout the ages and the world are endless. But they’re not always haunted places, or people who remain as spirits after death…there are a lot of stories about haunted vehicles. Phantom ships on the ocean, the sound of a train going by at midnight, but with no train in sight, cars that kill every owner who buys them…my favorite one is about Pippo the Demon Plane.

This plane flew over Northern Italy during WWII, and was recognized by its distinct ’‘pip pip’’ sound caused by the engine. This plane would fire at people, buildings, it was just one crazy airplane. But nobody knew what kind of plane it was, as it was never seen, nobody knew who was in it, if anyone…and nobody knew who’s side it was on…apparently no one.
I thought it was interesting because it wasn’t described as a ghost, more like an actual plane, governed by something unknown. What creeps me out about it is, there is some basis for the story; the English flew planes at night over Northern Italy for reconnaissance missions, and the types of planes used were known for their engines making pip pip sounds…so of course, in a time of war and all, people were frightened because they didn’t know what the hell was going on, and what those planes were doing there. It was blown out of proportion…but during a war, where people kill each other and destroy things, it might not be so hard to imagine. To this day, people still talk about Pippo…

Personally, I can’t help but to find this Pippo story fascinating, and it also sounds kind of cute. Beepy sounds and stuff as it flew by, haha. Probably wasn’t so cute for the people who were frightened by the story, or whatever it was that spawned said story.
Here are some links for the story;
Pippo Wiki
Pippo Listverse
Scroll down to number 6.

So thanks for reading if you did, now, do you have a famous (or perhaps not so famous) story about a haunted vehicle? Any vehicle, horse powered, steam powered, gasoline, diesel, whatever. From any time, any place…maybe it’s your own? Is your car haunted? Tell all. I’m curious as to might be out there.

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Phantom Vehicle: the car I don’t have.

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I remember a story from a cartoon when I was young. It’s from the show Hey Arnold! and it’s about a headless caddie. Completely fictional, of course.
[addition]: I just remembered another similar episode from the same show about a haunted train. Can’t find it on youtube, though.

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Ha ha! Read too fast. Had to reread this sentence, from your Wiki link ” It was said to drop exploding penis”

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Don’t know about “haunted” but I’ve been in a few golf carts that were possibly possessed.

“Repossession” of vehicles is fairly common around hear…that’s another reason why banks are evil;)

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Tip of the day…

Ebay auto auctions, get up to an extra 50% selling price by claiming it’s haunted by Elvis or Marilyn. Of course you need to have a good story to back up the assertion.

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@dxs Hey Arnold! was awesome, loved that show back in the day.

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies That will be my next mission…trying to see if people on Ebay are selling haunted vehicles.

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I once met a taxi driver who said his car engine was inhabited by a jumbie, also known in Jamaica as a duppy. He said that it made a tick-tick-tick noise that no mechanic was able to explain. The car ran beautifully.

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Interesting, jumbies.

Leave a pair of shoes outside the house door, so jumbees (who do not have feet) spend the entire night trying to wear the shoes before moving into the house.

Kind of reminds me of Irish fairy mythology.

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I’ve tried to find the story I told years ago here on fluther.

Short version.

At least ten years ago, I was shooting a magazine cover and fashion spread. Vintage clothing took us to a classic car museum for the location. It was part of this shoot.

Everything went fine until the last shot location, which was for the cover. Jackie O style, woman in pink, standing in the back of a blue convertible with white interior. Simple shot, but proved the most challenging image ever for me.

Got all the lights set up, and a scirocco came out of nowhere on a calm sunny day, blowing all the lights down from their stands. Very odd, and costly for me, as many of the heads were damaged. Ok, carry on, and set up again.

Back then, before digital, I used a polaroid back to shoot proofs with. Every proof had a strange white blurb on it. It changed positions in every shot and I couldn’t figure out the problem. It wasn’t a light leak, which always show in same position on the film, and usually red. These were white blobs that moved around from shot to shot. Could not see them with the naked eye. They looked like smoke blobs. I could not remove them from the test shots. I figured it was a bad batch of film.

Then the camera failed. Would not shoot. D.O.A. Odd because it’s top shelf gear and had been working before. Set up the backup camera, and it failed too. Identical model. Had to leave the shoot to get rental equipment from a nearby supplier. Came back and found the rental camera also failed.

Frustrated, and hours into the simple shot, burning the remaining day away, I decided to have a talk with the car. I walked up to it, put my hands on the hood, and said “Hey, I don’t know what the problem is, but I could really use your cooperation here. Out of all the cars I’ve worked with today, I’ve chosen you to be the cover of the magazine. Please cooperate and all the other cars will be jealous of you”.

Lo and behold, all the cameras began working again. The white blobs on the polaroid vanished. We got our shot completed and a successful cover image.

Returning the car, I asked the museum owner “What’s up with this one? Where did it come from?”.

He said it was very mysterious. One day, a man drove up to the museum, and said he was donating the car for free. He provided no information about its history, other than he wanted to be rid of it for good. They accepted the donation and never saw the man again. They said it was plagued with mysterious mechanical and electrical problems that none of the mechanics could ever figure out.

I forget which kind of car it was. Some old (and beautiful) Dodge or Chrysler from the early 1960’s.

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Wow, weird. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to know what’s up with it…but it’s kinda cool how you just went up to it and said, smarten up bro lol. Also those photos are cool.

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Cool story and AWESOME pics! I could spend the whole day looking at them @RealEyesRealizeRealLies.

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