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Why do the instructions say to remove the frozen fish from the original packaging before thawing?

Asked by josie (27383points) January 5th, 2014

Whole Foods sells deep frozen fish fillets in (apparently) vacuum plastic packaging. A great way to buy fish and use it for a quick dinner later.

The instructions say to remove it from the packaging and place it in a sealed bag to thaw.

What is that all about?

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Do they then say to immerse it in cold water to thaw? If so, they may be hedging against the possibility that the store packaging may have been compromised. If it were leaky, then water could carry contaminants from the outside of the package in to the fish.

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Yes, they do mention a quick thaw in water.
So, by your reckoning, would washing the package first take care of that issue?

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Well, yeah, rinsing the package off would be fine, I would think. And whatever “contaminants” could be on the package would be rendered neutral when you cook it. I think. That’s kind of odd, IMO.

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If the vacuum is clearly intact, then washing the bag should be precaution enough. If the bag isn’t snugged up against the contents, then changing it’s probably a good idea.

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You mean snugged up against the other contents in the fridge or freezer @thorninmud? I’d be tempted to call them just to ask out of curtiosity!

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@Dutchess_III I mean the bag should be snugged up against the fish. Assuming it’s vacuum-packed (as @josie thinks), the plastic should be hugging the fish tightly.

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Well, I just washed off the original package and thawed it in water. I am going to cook it and put it on a salad. If I am not here tomorrow, you will know there was a problem.

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Wish me luck

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Good luck!

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You goin’ in are you @josie? We’ll never forget you man. Love you. Good luck.

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When you thaw the frozen fish in vacuum bag, there is a chance it will develop Clostridium botulinum also known as C-bot, a cause of food poisoning.

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Because people are fucking stupid, or really fucking smart. You know why it says ’‘caution, hot!’’ on disposable cups of coffee? Say like when you pick up a coffee to go at Starbuck’s or Tim Horton’s?
Because back when coffee didn’t have that warning, some dumbass spilled it on himself and got light scalding, so he sued the place. Made money. Blatantly obvious instructions are always used on products so that you can’t go to court against them due to warnings or instructions they didn’t issue. Either people are dumbasses, or trying to swipe a bit of cash by pretending to be dumbasses. I mean, it shouldn’t say ’‘do not ingest’’ on a fucking can of Drano, but there you go, bro.

So imagine if some magnificent jackass stuck the unwrapped fish in the oven or wtv, then it started melting and smelling like ass, he could sue the company for not telling him that you had to unwrap the fish, first. Technicalities, yo. Stupid, but that’s how shit works, am I right?

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Oh my God, he’s not answering….Josie! Josie!!

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I cooked it put it on a salad, it was great. Just one more example of paternalistic hysteria.
The good news is, I am still here.
The bad news is I am still here.

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