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Should I use crushed walnuts or pecans for my salmon dip?

Asked by Dutchess_III (45323points) July 22nd, 2016

I’ve made this forever. It’s a can of sockeye salmon, cream cheese, green onion, smoke sauce and lemon juice. Super simple and super good. The original recipe calls for crushing nuts really fine and rolling the dip in them and forming a ball.
I dropped the nut part years ago and just mix it up and serve it in a bowl.
We’ve been invited to a birthday party for one of Rick’s friends tomorrow. I want to take the dip
We’ll his wife is kind of uppity and the nuts give the dip a touch of elegance.
I think it originally called for walnuts but I like pecans better
What is you opinion?

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I would not put nuts in it, and generally speaking I love nuts.

I say pecans if you must.

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The nuts don’t go in it. It’s a light coating that holds it together in a ball.

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Pecans and add a tiny amount of dill.

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Oh, I didn’t read it well. I thought it was a dip, but I see now you make it in a bowl for your family.

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It is a dip @JLeslie
For family I don’t go to the hassle of using nuts to shape it into a ball. But it’s still a dip to put on crackers.

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Crushed English or black walnuts.

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Ah….hubs already bought pecans…

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Or finely chopped?

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I beat the shit outta them with a hammer.

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I’d have went pistachio, because I just like fish with pistachio.

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Whoa. I never heard of it. Isn’t it a greasy paste/mess?

Ooooh. I’m all over the pistachio coating! Never heard of it, never thought of it.

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No its not a.greasy mess ibstubro. 1 can sockeye salmon, 8 Oz (a brick) of cream cheese, one bunch green onions, 1 tbls smoke sauce, 1 tbls lemon juice. Mix it up. That’s it unless you do the crushed nuts thing. In that case you scoop it out on the nuts then roll it and shape it. SO good. I use Townhouse crackers
To put it on.

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You do have to use a knife or spoon to put it on the cracker. It’s too thick to actually just dip.

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Debone the salmon.

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Doesn’t it come out more like a spread than a dip? if it’‘s what I’m thinking of, it’s tasty stuff – and is fun if someone also makes cheese balls (and roasted garlic). I love spreading stuff on crackers. Makes every party better.

Oh… pecans. Always pecans.

Though pistachios sound like a fun alternative.

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No, @Dutchess_III don’t the nuts crushed with a hammer come out “a greasy paste/mess”?

A third for pistachios!

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Oh yeah a bit @ibstubro. But it’s temporary. Yes it is more like a spread @BellaB.

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You might know it as a “cheese ball”, only with fish added.

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@Seek That sounds like Fluther : P

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I’ve always thought of duchess as a ball buster, no surprise she asks about crushing nuts then

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Ha ha! At my family reunions we have every 4 years we have an auction. My BIL is always the auctioneer. Last one I donated a large, vintage, brass nut cracker in the shape of a walnut. It was about the size of you palm. When he got to it he was trying to figure out what it was. I yelled out ‘its a man controller!’ He opened it up to reveal 2 row of wicked crunches teeth. He just froze then said ‘OH MY GOD!’ Hilarity ensued. It fetched the highest price of any thing else at the auction. The women were cat fighting for it! One male relative chimed in and my BIL said ’Are you out if your mind??? Look at this thing!’ And he opened it up then slammed it back together with a heavy, deep CLANG! It was hilarious!

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Final presentation. I went with walnuts because I know they’ll work. I had to remind myself not to EXPERIMENT with a dish that you’re actually going to serve to strangers for the first time.

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