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How long will trout keep in the freezer?

Asked by spendy (1446points) June 14th, 2008

My neighbor brought back some trout from a fishing trip and gave me a few. They’re already cleaned, etc. and I threw them in the freezer. How long before I need to cook them up?

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At zero degrees and properly wrapped, quality is best for 2–3 months (fatty) and 6 months (lean).

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um…what the heck are you waiting for? They wouldn’t have made it into my freezer!

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@Sessul – thanks! Much appreciated.

@playthebanjo – yeah, I know. I’m a total weirdo. ;) Mostly, I just lose things in the freezer and thought I’d nip this one in the bud, so I know whether they’ll be good or not when I rediscover them.

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@Spendy: write date on outside of package. Then when you find that frozen lump, you’ll know. I would say as soon as fresh corn is available and the tomatoes have been no longer declared an endangering species, heat up the grill.

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Smoke them and eat them ASAP fresher is better.

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When I have something special like that, I not only write the date on the outside of the package (I do that with everything but fresh fruit and veggies), but when it goes into the frozen deep, I put a note on my calendar reminding myself to use it before it goes past the “best before” date. Actually at zero degrees, it won’t go bad, just lose quality. It would also help to double wrap it in plastic or better yet, use heavy duty foil to prevent freezer burn.

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Is there any special way I need to thaw them? I plan on throwing them on the grill (in foil, of course)...unless there’s a more magnificant way I should be doing them justice.

@gailcalled, you hit it right on the money! ;)

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Here a good answer for that part, spendy:
trout advice

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Great link @Seesul, thanks!

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You can keep the fish for 6 months in the freezer without losing the fresh fish taste. After 6 months or so, the frozen fish will not taste good after you defrost it. The fish may even smell. Dethaw the fish in the fridge when you are ready to cook it or under cold running water.

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I like to stuff the cavity with fresh mint, and then grill.

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Hell, the last time I put a trout in the freezer, it died!

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