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Why does my avatar keep changing?

Asked by livelaughlove21 (15724points) January 6th, 2014 from iPhone

My avatar seems to be cycling through three different photos I’ve both uploaded and deleted at separate times. And without my consent.

I attempted to change it awhile back on my phone by switching from the mobile site to the desktop site and uploading the photo from my gallery, which never seems to work right, and that started the whole thing. Now I can’t get it to stop. I’ve even been told that, at times, the avatar showing on my Q&As is different from the one in my profile.

Weird? I think so.

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That happened to me yesterday. I haven’t tried to change mine again yet, maybe I will.
I don’t know, same thing here, pics wouldn’t upload and were mismatched.

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I tried a new avatar and it kept changing in the horizontal direction I.e . Nose to left, nose to right. Very weird.

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Strange, when you type as you are now I can see one that is green, blue and pink.

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This is crazy. I just went in and deleted the dog avatar and the wedding avatar (the eye avatar showing up wasn’t even listed). I then uploaded a new avatar with my username on it (the one @LornaLove can see, apparently). When it “uploaded,” the dog picture re-appeared as a new avatar and the eye picture was once again set as my default avatar. I can’t even see the new one.

Weirdest. Glitch. Ever.

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I just changed mine no issues tonight. ?

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I see your dog avatar on this question and both the dog and the pink blue and green one on your profile page. The pink blue and green one is the biggest there.

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Same as snowberry, I see both avatars on your profile page. It’s well established that Fluther’s avatars have occasional glitches. I don’t know what causes it, but I assume that we would need technical assistance from Bendrew or someone to fix it.

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I saw a reposing pooch here and in both of your profile images. I’m using a desktop to access the desktop site.

Have you tried or been able to try uploading the photo from a desktop?

IIRC, Fluther has avatar-consistency issues involving iPhone. My guess is that Bendrew has been too busy with Twitter to fix this.

I think Auggieland knows more about this than I do.

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11:52 AM; The large avatar on your profile page is still the sweet doggie.

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11 a.m. CMT
I see the new green/blue/pink avatar where I look. Single on profile, same here.

Is there a way to check ‘Fluther-time’?

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I’m on a desktop at work right now and I see the eye avatar on here and the dog avatar on my profile. No new avatar to be seen still. I just tried to fix it from the computer and it shows up as the default (and only) avatar, but it’s still not showing up anywhere else. How stupid.

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Frame of reference here:
Now almost an hour from my last post, and I see nothing, anywhere, but the g/b/pink new avatar.

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Now I see the dog both places. I don’t get it…

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Big doggie on profile, little blurred thing w. white blob and striped material on bottom half here. Mac air-laptop.

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I think I fixed it. I just went in on a desktop, deleted everything again, and uploaded a new avatar. It’s now a heart (ahem, livelaughLOVE) on here and on my profile for me. Everyone else seeing the same?

Must be a Fluther/iPhone compatibility issue, as mentioned.

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It is indeed fixed, but boring. I miss the doggie (who represented live, laugh and love.

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I’m seeing your heart. ;)

Prelude to Valentine’s Day?

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@gailcalled Sorry to bore you. I’m sure Daisy will make another appearance eventually.

@ibstubro Hm…sure. :)

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This happens from time to time, and it always seems to be associated with mobile uploads. I’m glad you got it sorted out! And I like the heart. :)

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I see a heart.

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@gailcalled The puppy’s back. :)

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