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Is there a connection between my readings and my life ?

Asked by Mp123 (317points) January 8th, 2014

Two days ago, I started reading about the different dimensions in spirituality.

One of those dimension name 4D has to do with our dream and ever since I started reading, I still remembered my dreams but I feel like I gain a strong sense. Like I feel the energy around me. I’m not completely sure if I was lucid but it almost felt like it.

What do you guys think of this?

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I had a dream last night that I was in a school, peer-editing about a hundred creative writing documents. When I woke up, I still felt tired, like I had spent the whole night working instead of sleeping. It might have been the dream, or the fact that I woke up about ten times to let a puppy outside to go potty, so never got a good solid sleep.

What exactly is this “energy” you’re “feeling”? What is producing it?

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Sounds like confirmation bias. When i was a kid I convinced myself that I had magical powers to make soap bubbles rise against gravity. Eventually I figured out that my hand gestures were creating vertical airflow that lifted them up.

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I do lucid dream. I have several triggers that tell me I am dreaming, such as seeing my Mom (who I know to be dead), driving my beloved Subaru (which was destroyed in a head on crash years ago), or such. Once I identify that I am dreaming, I can usually control it within reason. I cannot change the basics of the dream, but can often redirect it to something fun or enjoyable.

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Personally, just the look of that web page sent jolts of creepiness energy through me. Not my cup of tea.

Here’s what may be happening in your case: When you read something that suggests, as this seems to, that there’s more to reality than what you casually observe, then it prompts you to pay more attention to your own experience. When you pay more attention, you notice things that you usually overlook, because you’re trying to catch something that you’ve been missing. Life begins to take on a more intense quality. Maybe you could call that “energy”, but it’s just what it feels like to live with attention.

Event if the “dimensions” that this material is talking about are nonsense, it has apparently sparked your curiosity enough to look more closely at your experience, including your dream experience. When you take an active interest in your dreams, you do naturally remember them better and they have a tendency to go lucid. But again, this is just a natural result of bringing attention to the game.

I’m all for living with attention. The best way to get your attention revved up is to live with a curious, questioning spirit. That gets you engaged with the world, intensely interested in it. As skeptical as I am of “New Age” stuff, if it gets your attention cranking, that’s not a bad thing.

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I went to that site and got an intense headache from trying to read stuff printed on a jet black background. Ouch.

Anyhow, I think @thorninmud explanation makes a whole lot of sense so I’ll agree with what he says.

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