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Which free Web photo site do you recommend and why?

Asked by marinelife (62430points) June 28th, 2008

I want a simple one, preferably that does not require me to download anything, that is safe and reputable. If this has been asked forgive me, my search did not turn anything up.

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I don’t know how others feel about it, but I use photobucket.

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How do you mean?

Do you want to share photos on the web, like Flickr?

Or do you want to upload to a print facility, like Snapfish?

Or do you want to have rigid controls as to identifying folks you know who will be allowed to see your pics, like Facebook?

(And yah, I know, there’s a lot of similar functionality shared across all three of my examples.)

Maybe you could explain what you’ve tried before and why it didn’t work for you?

Oh yah, all of those sites have zero-download HTML forms to handle uploads from your PC. Those are simplistic, requiring that you choose just one photo at a time. Or you can alternatively auto-install each site’s plugin to your browser to make multi-uploads easier/faster.

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Flickr – simply the best photo-sharing site out there

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Do you want to like edit and manage pictures and upload them to a web page. If so then use Picasa. ( It works Great. But only for PC because you have to download it. Sorry, hope this helps!

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I’d recommend flickr. It’s free and you can even upload from your iPhone.

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Thank you all. Sorry that I did not supply sufficient data. That would be due to ignorance. Clearly, I had not thought this through. I wanted to be able to link to a photo.

1. I can’t imagine doing a ton of photos at a time.

2. Have not tried anything except Webshots for a non-profit I work with.

3. I had not even thought about whether I cared if everyone saw it. Do I? Why do I? What should I be worried about?

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Marina, what’s your purpose in uploading the photos? Who do you want to share them with?

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I still say Picasa because you can edit and upload pictures to a web page. Although it has to be downloaded and only for PC. Sorry

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@swimmingdude: you can do the same with Flickr. Flickr is also compatible with all major online photo-editing tools like Picnik.

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@TL I was putting up a picture of my 80s hairdo for a thread on Fluther. I went with Flickr. Thanks to all.

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@Marina, awwwww, that’s a really cute photo of you two. Thanks for sharing it.

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flickr, absolutely. it’s designed really well, visually. you can use picnic—a photo-editing site—right from flickr. a great place to get/give comments, too. completely, highly recommended.

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