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What is your favorite online wine store?

Asked by ETpro (34436points) January 13th, 2014

Maybe it sells wines only. Perhaps they have gift baskets as well. Perhaps liquor and beer. Which site or sites are your favorites and why do you like them?

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I’ve never tried to order wine. At one time, until not too long ago, it was illegal to ship alcoholic beverages – including wine – into my state. For all I know, it might still be.

My main worry would be handling – how do I know that the wine wouldn’t be subjected to freezing temps on a truck, or overheating in a warehouse?

Of course, the same may be true of the wine I pick up at a beverage store…

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You can’t ship wine to my state. It’s so sad. :(

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@elbanditoroso & @Haleth One of the main features of online wine stores is a drop-down to select your state. If there is a problem shipping to your state, that lets you know. Generally, you set that as a light-box so you have to get that issue out of the way as the first step. Good old Puritan Massachusetts is one of 16 states requiring citizens to buy in-state only. Wine and liquor stores are also required to buy only from in-state distributors in most of New England, giving one big supplier a virtual government sanctioned monopoly over the entire region, which they pay state legislators handsomely to preserve.

In court challenges in other states, this has been found unconstitutional as it violates the Interstate Commerce clause. But a bill to fix it died in committee in 2011 and nothing has changed yet. Maybe it’s time for a petition drive in each affected state to mount a court challenge. See

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I didn’t know this was a thing. I’ll check it out, thanks :)

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@Blackberry Thanks. Please let me know what you see that you like.

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I shall be following this question for eternity

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@catherineconley The link above triggered a warning form Be careful disclosing info there.

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The SO and his father use one called Laithwaites. They offer a wide variety, offer packages, the site is easy to use, notify about promotions, include gifts, deliver, etc. Our favorites are the El Bombaro and Gran Bombaro. Both are reds at 15% and are lovely.

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Thanks much. They are really pro. Massachusetts law won’t let me shop out of state. They redirected me to a in-state partner, but I’m still on their site.

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