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Do you prefer rivers, lakes or oceans?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1140points) January 16th, 2014

Why so?

I wish to express to you my deepest gratitude.

Thank you.

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Depends on my mood, but all three top the list from time to time.

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I grew up by the ocean. I like the smell, the air, and the feeling of abundance you get when you look out at the ocean (for lack of a better adjective).

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I like water in all its manifestations, including rain. I even drink the stuff.

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Their connective-ness to the rest of the world speaks to me. It reminds me that my little piece of the world is just that, part of something bigger.

Its power.
Its depth.
Its vastness.
Its mystery.
Its saltiness on my lips.

All of the above.

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I love the ocean shore. The sounds and smells remind me of all the great times I have there.

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I have to go with oceans in spite of not being a strong swimmer. However, I don’t care for the predators of the sea that can bedevil man; Irukanji, sharks, sea snakes, Portuguese Man_o_war (or whatever they call them things), etc.

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Oh, rivers! I absolutely love rivers! The Firehole, the Madison, the Yellowstone, the Strawberry, the Popo Agee…I’ve spent so many delicious hours on those. They have such distinct personalities, like so many old friends. Even the stodgier rivers of my youth—the Guadalupe, the Rio Grande—were magical to me.

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I live where the Patapsco river meets the Chesapeake bay. although it is very nice favorite body of water that I have visited is the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean coast of southern Mexico.

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Rivers and I spend a great deal of time in a fishing kayak on them here in the summer. Very therapeutic.

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Rivers. I love rivers, small or big ones, the sound comforts me. Sometimes they look nasty though, but I can still find beauty in it. You know like garbage floating in it or littering the shores, or the water being all yellow when it’s really hot and humid out, plus sometimes the smells aren’t all that great…but I always appreciate rivers, even if some are all fucked up. I also spent a lot of my childhood playing in the woods that bordered a river, the river and trees were kinda like friends. Good memories.
Saw the ocean once, but my mom was like, you bitch! Get the your ass in the car, I gotta get drunk already!
But when I lived with my dad and he saw that something was bothering me, he’d take me down by the one woodsy river I talked about, because he knew I liked it there and it might be easier to spill my guts. Didn’t always work, but sometimes it did. I built forts and shit down there out of dead branches and crap, ran around, grabbed a stick and pretended I was a knight and all, it was awesome.

I also love frozen rivers at night. Friends and I would play on them after school, go for dinner and come back out and it was all dark. Dude this was Winnipeg in the middle of Winter, it was safe, and the city even made skating paths for people to go skating around on the rivers. I’ll always remember it, freezing cold with snot coming out of our noses, but we didn’t give a shit man, we made up worlds on there and had a blast.

So my imagination and memories are responsible for my love of rivers, and although I don’t do anything like that near them at this age, I still love spending hours sitting there, reading books or drinking coffee and just checking it out. Rivers kick ass. But fuck mosquitoes, damn it.

I figure, if I ever want to commit suicide, I won’t commit suicide, what I’ll do is find a river, and follow it forever.

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Lakes. I don’t know why, they just appeal to me more but it could be because, when it am near a lake I can pretend I am in Scotland and just thinking of Scotland can improve any bad mood I may be in.

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Scotland? Nice. Let’s go find Hogwart’s!

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I love all three, but if I had to choose just one I’d choose lakes. They are the most peaceful out of the three.

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Rivers, because there’s so much to explore. They’re pretty much the entire reason I continue to live in the East instead of heading back to Colorado.

@Symbeline I’ve been wondering, can you XC ski on them too, when they’re frozen enough?

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I think I like lakes best, perhaps because they’re not so common. I like the beauty and calmness.

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@wildpotato Actually yeah. They have the skating ice paths, and there were some cross country skiing paths by those some ways away. Those weren’t used as much as the skating ones, but they were there. I don’t skate or ski, so when I got tired of walking on the ice and slipping all the time, I transferred to the ski paths.

@downtide You should come to Québec haha. We have like, a million lakes here. Granted, most of them are in northern Québec where not many people live, but there’s lots.

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Completely dependent on my mood, but I love to take pictures of bodies of water around me in certain scenerios, and sometimes I use these pictures for my avatars. I do find a great deal of appeal though with the ocean an orange sky in the background though.

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@Leanne1986 That would be lochs, if you are thinking of Scotland.

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@flutherother Yes, I know that. I visit Scotland A LOT although, still not as much as I would like!

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Ocean is vast and unknown, mysterious even.

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What, I get a choice?

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