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Have any of you who may have used the Wii Fit noticed that it is kinda mean?

Asked by stevenb (3816points) June 28th, 2008 from iPhone

I am 5’9”, 165 lbs and pretty fit. I am more muscle than fat if you ask anyone who knows me, and yet the Wii always makes the nice little comments like “maybe you should work out more often, do you find yourself tripping while you walk, etc. I know it just judges you by balance, weight, age, etc, but it is still a bit annoying. Why would they make it rude? It does have my wii age as 25 when I am 38, and still it is a bit meanish. I think it is funny, but wouldn’t it be more conducive to fitness if it was more supportive? How is it to overweight people?

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from the way you describe it, i would love those comments. of course, i have a really weird sense of humor. comments like “go exercise bitch” would just entertain me.

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Thats hilarious!! I’m not lucky enough to have one yet, but its on by list.. Your post makes me want it even more.

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At least after you get insulted by that you can come to Fluther, and get greetings like
“You’re glowing! Absolutely glowing!”
“Nice smile.”
“We love your style.”
“Your hair looks really, really good today.”
or even
“We think we’re falling in love with you.”

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I like that almost everyone on here is a smartass like me. Makes me all warm and fuzzy.

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My guess is that its making those assumptions based on BMI which is not an ideal index for everyone. I know a number of people (including myself) who have enough muscle mass (and it doesn’t even need to be that much) to be considered over weight though are not judging by % body fat instead. Bone mass also plays a role too – some people have more than others.

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I think it said my BMI is 24,5, and that is at the high end for “good weight”, even though I still can wear 28” jeans. I think they need to rethink how they get the BMI #.

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I don’t have a wii (pity me) so I haven’t tried it but now I can just imagine the screen screaming at me “Get off of me Fatty! WTH?” lol

Would you say the game is worth it?

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I have fun with it. I like the yoga etc, and it is even fun to do with my neices and nephews. I would say yes it is worth it, but I bought it at costco for $79, so I don’t even know what it goes for at other places.

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Thanks stevenb. I love that the wii gets people moving rather than just sitting around on the couch all day. One of these days we’ll get one but for now DH and I are still going back and forth over the issue because he wants the PS3.

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I love the ps3 and the xbox 360. In just full of love LOL.

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