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Anyone familiar with AC units?

Asked by syz (35649points) June 28th, 2008

I was in my crawls space and noticed that my AC unit is leaking what is probably 2–3 gallons/hour of water from the seams of the metal base, over some wiring, and then into the floor of my crawl space. I called a reputable repair service and they said it was “normal condensation”. I just replaced the entire system (expensive!) three years ago because it rusted out and ceased functioning. And arent’t crawlspaces supposed to stay dry? If it’s condensation, shouldn’t it be piped out? How far should I pursue this?

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Your AC unit should have a hose that empties the condensation to an appropriate drain. It sounds like who ever installed it did a poor job. I would definitely get in touch with the company that installed the unit and have them come back and fix it!

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Whoa. I thought this was about me for a second.

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If there is a drainage hose they can get clogged and back up all over. It may need cleaned out.

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The drain’s clogged. Kill the power, open it up and check the pan and the hose. Probably lint or something.

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This just happened to us, and it turned out we needed to flush the drain. Ours the guy flushed with bleach followed by water, and told us to put a little vinegar down it every month.

If it was me, I would call another company!

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The previous posters are correct, the condensate drain should carry the water removed from the structure, to the outside or to a vent or drain. There should be a trap to prevent the access of insects or the loss of conditioned air. This is a formed trap similar to the trap under the sink in the bathroom or kitchen sink. The trapped water in this trap blocks the air or bugs.

The installer is responsible for the trap installation, but not the maintainance, unless you have a maintainance contract.

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