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Is there some trait or personality quirk or physical attribute that attracts you every time--even against your better judgment?

Asked by marinelife (62440points) June 28th, 2008

Remember how an accent supposedly made Jamie Lee Curtis wild in “A Fish Called Wanda?” Or see my story about the tenor 2/3 of the way down in this thread . Please describe what it is and why it gets to you.

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I am always a sucker for a cute smile and a sense of humor. Even if I know the person is nuts.

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I love a guy with a shaved head. I think it may have something to do with the fact that my first boyfriend had a shaved head. I think we look for the traits that our ex loves had.?

I also love a funny guy! Shaved head, sense of humor…you’re in.

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all girls like funny guys.

I love girls with really dark eyes.

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A sense of humor, a pretty face and a cute butt and I’m owned.

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My wife said something intelligent, said something witty, and smiled the first time we met.

Game over.

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I’m with PTPH on that second one, dark eyes are awesome. Also brunettes with a small nose.

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Humor. Every time.

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Physical attribute: A girl that is tall with long hair.

Personality quirk: Someone ho is really loving and doesn’t take themselves seriously.

(and a cute butt)

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“Someone ho is really loving and doesn’t take themselves seriously.”

Best.Typo.Ever —OK, Maybe not the best, but it was funny.

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Physically, I like guys who are taller than me. I’ve also always thought reddish/light brown hair was cute. Personality-wise, I agree with most of the girls who have said a sense of humor is an attractive quality. Intelligence is another.

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Smart, quick on the uptake, funny. The butt thing is good, too.

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I forgot cleavage. Not over the top I can see your bellybutton cleavage, but deffinately the confident “I know I’ve got it and look good with it!” I can’t resist that combined with a smile. Oh, and hips. This is a more recent love I have discovered, but a good curvey set of hips with a snug top and pants so you can appreciate them is hypnotic to me lately.

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I am a sucker for an older woman.

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Wit, Charm, Atheism, and Big (strong) Noses.

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Dark haired, intelligent and witty/funny guys. Someone who can hold his own in an argument too. Oh, and not too sensitive.

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5 foot, skinny, long hair, great smile

Dang she got me at…....
Her: Who? You got the wrong person.

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I go for the females that have beautiful eyes. Doesn’t matter what color they are. They just have to be the type of eyes that when you look at them you can tell are full of life. Anyone know what I am talking about? Its hard to put in words. I also love a pretty smile and tan skin.

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I love a guy who winks at me and calls me his “lil pumpkin” or his “lil monkey“or his “gingersnap.” I know its ridiculous, but I love it!!!
I also love a guy that calls me “kiddo”

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A cheeky, confident smile (in the style of Bruce Willis), a sharp wit and an open mind. A person with those characteristics is a person I want to be around and know better (male or female and not necessarily romantically)

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Someone who loves to go out and experience life, who likes to have a good time, who is kind and has compassion and empathy. A nice smile, beautiful eyes and a sense of humor is also nice. Someone who looks at me and really sees me.

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I like men who are so smart they make me feel bad about myself.

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@rockstar, I agree! When you see a beautiful, sparkling set of eyes I get lost.

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Redheads….....oh, and crazy.
So, if you’re a crazy redhead, I’ll be ring shopping by day’s end.

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i love it when a guy can act dumb and have fun.
i’m in love with peoples flaws.

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I get zapped by connection and interest through eyes and facial expression.

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I agree with GD Kimble.

Also, if they like me. No matter what they are like, if they like me I like it. How desperate eh?

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Physically – Cute belly, slightly taller then me, cute face with a cute smile, a body that is slim but slightly muscular(like in the arms mmm…). But I hate overly bulky men, just need a little definition. (And yes a nice butt)

Personality – Intelligent, deep thinking, sweet to me, and has a blunt attitude.

And can make me smile, in the way that a 12 year old giddy girl does.

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mysterious introverted guys with long dark hair (uh-oh) ..

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I am attracted to a “flavor” of woman, not any particular shade, shape, or eyecolor. Preferably with a firm grasp of the ridiculous.

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You would love my son, but he already has a girlfriend.

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also, any girl who thinks she has sex appeal when we are going to have fun? that really melts my butter.

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Melting might not be the word of choice exactly. Maybe… un-melting?

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How about churned or whipped butter?

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hehehe. all good, its all good.

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Being not critical and judgmental, and, deep voices.

I love Severus Snape, despite the first two standards.

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I can’t stress this enough: I love, love, LOVE, a genuinely nice guy. A guy who will smile, shake my hand and introduce himself when he meets me and engage me like no one else at the moment matters. Just simple polite, caring acts mean the world to me. A guy who talks to me, will address me in a group, take an interest in what I have to say, an interest in getting to know me, will have me in the palm of his hand. I believe this is due to the fact that I too often feel like I’m overlooked and no one really cares to delve beyond the surface of who I am.

And physically? Facial hair OH GOD facial hair I have a bizarre primal attraction to a rugged stubble beard. I literally sometimes get hot when I notice a guy hasn’t shaved in a few days…
A strong, defined jaw will get me every time, too.
Broad shoulders, decent muscle build (not too big). I like guys that are kinda beefy, but I often think skinner guys are cute too. I’m not that picky :)

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@discoinferno – Keep that quality. There are not enough people out there like you who appreciate that. Speaking on behalf of us guys who treat women like that, we appreciate your looking beyond the surface. And welcome to Fluther.

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I may not know it up front but there is a thread of commonality between the partners I’ve been passionate about.

* Love of Malcolm X

* The Art of War by Sun Tzu is a favorite book

* Leonard Cohen songs

* The love of firearms

* The reluctance to wear their damned seatbelts unless I check

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Funny hooks me every time. I will put up with a butt slug for funny.

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Blue eyes. Hubby has the most startlingly crystal clear blue eyes and there are times when he’ll look at me and I swear my heart really does feel like it skips a beat (or two) and I get those butterflies in my stomach and then I grin and think, “oh yeah, thats right, he’s all mine” lol I’m a lucky lucky person.
hugglys all xx
ps: Anybody who’s ever watched House… c’mon… ever seen Hugh Laurie’s eyes? <melt> beautiful though he is though, not a patch on my hubby <melts even more> :-)

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@GD_Kimble , Yah, red hair. Natural red, please. And then anything that comes with that.

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Both my sisters married hairy alcoholics. When I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I took one look at her father and realized I was making the same mistake my sisters did. I ran as far as I could go, only to marry a non hairy alcoholic. When he died, I married another alcoholic but he was sober before I met him. We’ve been together over 20 years.

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