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Help understanding an article and how to start an essay on it?

Asked by jeremy0207 (202points) January 20th, 2014

Well the article is The Absence of Black SuperVillains in Mainstream Comics.

So it seems as though this article is a bit confusing or just tough to understand. I just need some thoughts on what do you think about the article (if you’ve read it before) or just how do you think I can start this essay based on the reading in the article.

Things that might help would be your thoughts on the article, how to start the essay, or simply key points to look to in the article.

A link to the article can be found here :

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To understand any article, you must first eleminate the fluff and get down to the key points.

To do this, you need to separate each sentence, read one at a time, paying special attention to the subject and the predicate. Make notes, write down the simple two or three word meaning of each sentence.

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@YARNLADY Thank you, I will keep this in mind.

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Once you have studied it so that you are comfortable you can summarize, write out a broad general statement on the point of the article. Three supporting sentences, and a transition to your next paragraph. Voila! You’ve just written an introductory thesis statement paragraph.

The rest of your essay will flow from there.

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@zenvelo Thanks! I will make sure to remember this!

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See if you can find the article on YouTube, hearing the information instead of reading it may give a better understanding of the piece. Then do as @zenvelo directed. Remember after developing your thesis statement, those three points are the body of your essay. Give your own opinion, an essay shouldn’t have more than 25% of cited information. Finally, in your conclusion put all those three points back together in a concise way and put forth your point of view of the article. Don’t forget your cover page and reference page, both are required for academic writing. Be sure to use New Roman Times, 12 pt. font, and double spaced. The cover page must have your name, the name of your essay, the date (all centered paragraph) – and if your doing the essay for school you must add the class number and name (PPA 603: Government Budgeting for example), and your Instructor/professor below. A header must be used in academic writing and should read: Running Head: BUDGET, then insert page numbers aligned to the right. Academic writing mandates using APA guidelines to referencing, so if this is for a class, look up the APA guidelines and review them, if you don’t follow these to a tee, you could be accused of plagiarism and your essay worthless! Good luck!

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What is the main message of the article?

What do you make of the message?

Do you agree? Why (not)?

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