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Help with properly citing websites? (Please see details)

Asked by NostalgicChills (2774points) February 20th, 2012

I am not too sure if I cited this source correctly, so I was wondering if someone could verify it for me.

This is the website I used to obtain information:

And this is how I cited it:

Rosenberg, Jennifer. “1968 Tet Offensive” <>

Is that correct?

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What citation style are you using?

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I am much more familiar with APA, but according to the OWL at Purdue the actual web address is not in the citation and should be italicized. There are also a couple of other tweaks to make the citation correct. Check out the website I linked, the OWL is the best site for citation information.

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Try this site: You just enter the data into an online form and it will generate the citation for you, in whatever style you tell it to. Then you can either copy and paste it into your paper, or you can build an entire bibliography on the site, then export it to your computer. Real easy.

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Always include “Retrieved from before you cite the web link. Don’t include Jenefer’s whole 1st name – just use a J., then add the date of the article, (You’ve excluded it here) you’ve added the title of the article correctly, after the title then italicize the This is the point you will insert Retrieved from..before the link/web site. Good work!

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