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How do I dominate and destroy my anxiety?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) January 23rd, 2014

Most days I’m confident over my anxiety and I know I’ve made and continue to make good stride against it. But every once in a while, when the stars are aligned, and the right amount of stress, worry and doubt creep into my head mixed with a “waiting for a physical stress sign like a chest pinch or something” I will still freak out and it’s hard to overcome in the first 2 minutes. I don’t go full blown anxiety attack but my heart does race and I have to calm myself down. Luckily the breathing is usually really well. But it’s hard to forget the initial sting pinch in the chest feeling also possible heart palpitation.

How do I dominate and defeat anxiety?

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Your first victory will be to dump the word dominate. It lets you believe you need some sort of power which you might not have, and that just isn’t true. Think of it more like diplomacy. You want to convince anxiety it is better off elsewhere. Feel relaxed about facing anxiety, rather than pressed. When you feel a pinch, talk to it. If people are around, of course, have the conversation in your head. Practice when you are alone. Don’t treat it like an enemy, but ratherlike a neighbor,or coworker. Talk with it about the pain, and how it is unneccessary. Convince anxiety that you understand your stress now, and that pain isn’t needed to warn you about being upset.
I know it sounds flakey, but really, it will help. Talking rationally to your anxiety will help you feel calmer, and more rational about your surroundings. :)

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There are really good medications for anexiety. You should consider seeing a professional to talk about your options. Anexiety disorders are related to your body triggering the fight-or-flight response at the wrong time. It’s a physiological mechanism.

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self edited. sorry, I noticed too late that this was in General

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@gorillapaws I’ve noticed that a lot lately, like if something surprises me and I’m in the “phew” stage “that was close” I’m more relaxed afterwards, but if I start thinking about “it” (a hypothetical situation that got me alarmed) again that’s usually when the physical stuff starts to happen.

@Jonesn4burgers Interesting take on it never heard it like that.

Also gang, I used to be about 145 pounds as a senior in high school. I think I’m around 165–170 range now? and about 5’7 maybe 5’8 now. Anyways, I remember being so much calmer and could tolerable to “grotesque” images, felt like I had more emotional control etc.

Could dropping about 15 pounds make that much of a difference? Anyone with experience?

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If the weight gain is upsetting or distressing you, then try to lose it. Serious worries come in every size and shape.

You know what the standard techniques for dealing with anxiety or panic attacks;

Diaphramatic breathing
Serious laughter
Talk therapy
Meds (low down on my list of “a good idea”)

Perhaps keep a journal of trigger events if you have the time and/or energy.

None of us is immune from feeling some worry. Once you have a child, it is part and parcel of your every waking breath of every good parent. Of course, you know that

You seem to be making good progress and you seem to be good at self-examination. You don’t defeat it; you hold it at bay.

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You already have the tools and know how to use them. In fact you have been using them quite effectively. Congratulations!
At this point I would flip the problem on its head and say “practice makes perfect.”
If/when a new episode starts you can think “Great, This is a chance to get more practice.”

Homework… Where did the Japanese car manufacturer, Subaru, derive its name?
Use that strength.

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Healthy diet, an hour a day of exercise, meditation or yoga, melatonin if you’re not sleeping and if all else fails, xanax.

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I will incorporate more comedy films and that really seems to loosen me real well! I have a major question though, what goes on exactly during meditation? Or better yet, how do I meditate?

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Here are one set of 18 tips on how to meditate. The goal while meditating is to have exactly nothing go on. You sit (or lie down) and focus on your breathing and try not to think.

Here is a simpler version, put out by Harvard, that concentrates on belly or diaphramatic breathing. You can invent your own mantra. The mantra helps to push aside the irritating thoughts.

5 minutes here and there will get you started. You can do this anywhere but behind the wheel of the drive.

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I doubt its something that you will ever “dominate and destroy.” I think its something that will stick around permanently, sorry to say so. Having said this, you don’t have to suffer.. There are ways to help it so that it does not cross over into the painful threshold.

I agree with the ones who mentioned meditation. It is a very powerful and healthy thing. It has altered my outlook on so many things, while still allowing me to retain my core personality without becoming zombie-fide.

I strongly disagree with the idea that you should see a so called professional. In my experience, 98% of them are useless at best, and harmful at worst. Funnily enough, ever since I’ve decided that they are wankers I’ve been doing better in many ways.

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@alphabetpony92 I think it’s highly dangerous, reckless, and irresponsible to recommend against consulting with mental health professionals when someone has symptoms of a mood disorder. I’m sorry you personally have had bad experiences, but that in no way invalidates the millons of people who have received treatment and it improved their lives (in some cases saving their lives).

@pleiades No harm can come from having a thoughtful conversation with an expert, you may even want to consult multiple experts, but if they all have the same suggestions, my advice is to take the word of a broad consensus of experts.

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