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What are a list of specific programs that one can get to help the gifted and troubled in school?

Asked by talljasperman (21866points) January 25th, 2014

I want to help people like me who fell through the cracks. When I was in grade school I scored very high in I.Q., but I was disruptive in class, I would have benefited from being given special education for gifted and troubled. My sister was skipped up a grade and I would like to have the same deal. except I was a class clown. What can I do to make sure that kids don’t fall in the cracks again… I’m thinking educational psychology, but I’m interested in helping gifted students belong, because I can relate. I don’t want to pursue a teaching credential because their is a glut of teachers who don’t have jobs in my home province of Alberta. Maybe I could be tempted to be a special education teacher.

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I’m afraid that regardless of anything else you are going to have to get a college degree first.

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@anniereborn I will just be a good parent when I have children and homeschool them In a good environment.

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I’d like to end poverty and hunger across the entire globe., retire next month, and become an astronaut.

Being a teacher, at least here in the US, requires many things, starting with a college degree. If you don’t get the credentials, then you will not be teaching kids, period. No special ed, no nothing; you will not teach. No! Nein! Not happening! Nyet!

And even homeschooling requires some sort of credentials, or else your kid will officially be considered uneducated, and possibly get in trouble for truancy.

Things you can do to make sure kids don’t fall through the cracks:

Suck it up, get your credentials, and try to get a teaching job.
Obtain an office that gives you the authority to determine educational policies in your province
Just admit that you can’t/won’t do what it’d take to solve this issue

If you don’t want to go for the credentials and don’t feel like trying to become a high-ranking government official, the last option is the only one left.

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I am going through a number of ‘qualified’ people right now, getting my son diagnosed and having his school taught how to deal with him. They all have university degrees, masters and PhDs. I am grateful for the sympathetic ones and try to ignore the ones I have to deal with because they have the paper behind them. Paper + real empathy = actual, lasting results.

Go to school. Help people. Please. For the sake of kids like my son.

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Bother option is Mentoring – such as Big Brothers / Big Sisters. in the US; in Canada

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Having proactive parents who are not willing to let their children fall through the cracks, I had the same experience as you in school and I refuse to let my daughter repeat this. I end up teaching her advanced things at home so that when it comes time for it in school she has the ability to breeze through it. I found that fighting with the school and getting them to do what you feel is right with your child is like pounding your head against the wall so I have just taken matters of her education in my hands and teaching her myself to satisfy her need to learn.

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Correction: “Another option…” (stupid auto-correct)

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From personal experience being a “gifted and troubled” student who became a teacher, I’ll just say this. Teaching was surprisingly a lot like going to school as a student. The type of teachers that didn’t understand me and got annoyed with me as a kid did the same when we were both adults. The rules for teachers seemed just as ridiculous as the rules for the kids. I hated going to the principal’s office just as much as I did as a kid.

If you don’t take to the school environment now, you probably won’t like it as an adult. Steer clear of teaching.

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