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Which do you handle better in your personal life: one big problem or several small ones?

Asked by tedibear (17610points) January 30th, 2014

Currently, I have some small-to-medium issues in my life. None of them qualify as crisis level, but they are annoying and close to constant. I have friends that are dealing with terminally ill family members, major job issues and child custody battles.

While I would prefer to have neither side of this coin, I find that I deal better with one major problem than a bunch of smaller problems. The small ones make me feel like I’m being pecked to death by a duck.

What about you? Which do you handle better?

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Neither. Every problem is annoying to me and I’m not good at solving problem.

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I can handle either pretty much. Although getting pecked to death by a duck sounds like a major pain in the ass.

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I am the proverbial multi-tasker and am expert at shoving smaller problems to the side or delegating others to handle the small stuff while I deal with the bigger problems.

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I am a problem solver and always have been. I juggle (don’t say it ucme!) many balls every minute of my life at work and home, and formulate a plan to solve them all, get those plans in process and thus I don’t stress as much as others who just stew on the problems.

Focus, plan and execute = less stress/ more happiness

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I am much better at crises than the smaller ones. Like you said, it feels like being pecked to death.

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Life is one big problem made up of several small ones.

I approach life with enough flexibility that I often bend but I will never break.

and a few properly administered beers don’t hurt . . .

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@Blondesjon Excellent answer!

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I’m a problem solver, and just tackle whatever whatever comes along, as it comes along. I don’t see them as problems so much as challenges to negotiate.

However, like you, @tedibear, I would probably prefer a single crisis. It’s more rewarding to solve.

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I have had many big crisis at one time. Sometimes I am a hero and other times I have had the driver of a the vehicle stop at the side of the road because I couldn’t breath. :/ Yes panic attack, the worse ever.

I think if things either small or big become too overwhelming for me that’s when I sometimes have an issue.

Also I was not on the right amount of drugs at that time.

Usually I can manage crisis. I prefer not to have them though.

Right now I’m managing to not die from the flu. Lol. I want my routine back. 3 days I’ve lost 12 pounds. Am I even making this a dream?

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I’d rather have the many little problems. When they’re solved, they really are solved. That’s not always the case with bigger ones.

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Big ones require my attention. I have found that most small problems are not really problems only irritants and that I can ignore them and the vast majority of the time the either solve themselves or are revealed to be non-issues after all.

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