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Is anyone else celebrating their iPhone's birthday?

Asked by PrancingUrchin (1939points) June 29th, 2008 from iPhone

Remember this time last year? The hysteria.

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I don’t have one. even if i did, i doubt i would be celebrating it’s bday. But happy birthday to your iPhone !!

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errm, no.

Did you bake it a cake? Take it somewhere special? Wining and dining? Or just a quiet night in, enjoying each other’s company?

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I’m celebrating my unbirthday today. I have a lot more of those.

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The sad thing is that I only got my iPhone in April, I am planing on geting the new iPhone and so the love may just not be the same between us, It will know that something is up if I stop using it.

I hope its not too mad when it finds out I’m cheating on it. :(

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