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Which Firefox add-ons do you use?

Asked by phoenyx (7385points) June 29th, 2008

I just upgraded to Firefox 3 and I’m looking around for compatible add-ons.

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web developer, yslow and firebug.. but I only use firefox for development.

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Here’s a list of the ones I’m currently using:

BugMeNot bookmarks
Download Statusbar
Server Spy
User Agent Switcher
Web Developer

I also use Firefox mainly for web development, but I’m interested in anything that would improve my browsing experience.

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damien: what does yslow give you that firebug doesn’t?

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it isn’t my favorite, but i recently downloaded (and am really enjoying) Firenes It has over 2500 Nintendo games that you can play on your browser. And I remember playing many of these as a kid so it makes me reminiscent. Just get the addon, and choose from the ridiculously big variety of games to open in a new window and you can play with fluthering :)

Other addons I like: Stumble and Sxipper (for form filling and remembering username/passwords). OOooh and I also use Google Translate which can translate any page and/or sentence into English or whatever language I want really. That’s a useful one for sites in different languages of course.

All of these are compatible with FF3

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@phoenyx: yslow doesn’t really add much, to be honest. Especially if you’ve got the web developer toolbar as well. But it does tie a few things together.

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I have the Firenes add-on too its pretty cool but i find a large number of game wont work. Is it a mac issue or do you have that problem too Pnl?

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@ bill – what games are you talking about? if you name a couple, i can check to make sure. from the ones i have tried, i have never had a problem. actually, ill join you in chat room, don’t want to thread jack

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Web Dev Toolbar
Server Spy

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Adblock Plus

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The main add-on I use is Session Manager. If Firefox crashes, session manager can restore the window you had open before it crashed. And also, I like to have about 10 certain tabs open at a time, and with this add-on, I can restore them altogether at once, which saves a ton of time and hassle. Highly recommended.

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@TrustingLife: Firefox automatically does that now. For example if FF crashes now, when it restarts it’ll ask me if i want to restore my previous session

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videodownload helper – it let’s you download streaming media

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@Mirza, that’s cool. And session manager is still great for people who like to open a bunch of tabs at once, like I do.

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Reminder Fox, Wired Marker, Stumble Upon, a pink Firefox theme (thanks to Petey), and Boost Toolbar for Facebook.

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Must have:
Adblock Plus

Highly useful:
Greasemonkey (if you have the initiative to find scripts)
NoScript (if you have the initiative to babysit it—it helps to set it to temporarily allow top-level sites by default)

Interface enhancement:
Context Search

TwitterBar (I used to use TwitterFox, and I liked that one, too.)

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