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Has anybody ever heard of someone being informed over the phone that a bad check has been linked to them by their Social Security Number?

Asked by yankeetooter (9651points) January 30th, 2014

I did not call the number back.

I know I haven’t written any bad checks (I don’t even write checks any more), but I am worried that someone has somehow gotten hold of my personal information.

My bank was not much help (at least the person I spoke to), but said nothing was showing up in their records.

What can/should I do about this?

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Sounds like a phishing scam. I would forget about it.

Edit: Apparently, the FCC takes reports of phishing calls:

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Sounds like a scam. Just don’t ever give your social security number to someone who call you.

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You know what the first question is—-> What’s your social security number?”

Second question——-> “What’s your name?

Third question——> “Just to make sure, what is your date of birth?”

Phising for sure bad checks get the police to your font door, if it is big enough.

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@marinelife…I would never give my SSN out…they just claimed to have linked the bad check to me through it. I refused to even call them back (it was a recorded message).

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If you still have the phone number, look it up here and post your own comments. You will be warning others and will likely see that they called many other people.

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Y’know, this is an interesting question. I’m trying to think back to what information I had to provide at my bank when opening a recent account. I know I had to show photo ID, but my drivers’ license certainly doesn’t supply my social security number. When the bank inputs that information, is it matched somewhere to make certain that the two are the same people?

In other words, could I march into a bank, produce my drivers’ license, recite @LuckyGuy ‘s social security number from memory and open an account that way? I’m calling Wells Fargo in the morning, lol.

Short of that, I assume it’s a phishing scam.

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Sounds like someone wrote a blank check with your name on it.

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If so, @pleiades, then why did it never show up in my bank account?

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I wouldn’t talk to the person that called, but I would check my credit report now, and again in a few months to be sure there isn’t someone out there using my information.

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If your own bank knows nothing about it, it’s a phishing scam. At worst, if it is true, and you’ve ignored a single call, there will be another opportunity for you to ask them to have someone from your own bank contact you about it, without you giving them any personal information.

But you’ll likely never hear from them again.

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Credit reports (all three) are fine…Thanks everyone.

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@yankeetooter Great. Please help the next person by reporting that phone number at and . Pay it forward.

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Thank you. In the future, you can use those sites to check out other strange calls you receive. Crowd sourcing is one of our defenses against spammers and scammers.

Neither the FCC nor the phone companies do anything about it so it’s up to us.

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^^^ Arrgh!!! Correction!!! The address is .

Response moderated (Spam)

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