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Did you see the remake of Flowers in the Attic with Ellen Burstyn?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) January 31st, 2014

Somehow, I never got around to reading the book, and never saw the original movie, but I did DVR the Lifetime remake. I became mildly obsessed, so I immediately bought the book. I’m reading it now, and I’m at the part right when Corrine is telling the kids about how she and their father met… and I’m not really sure, but I feel like Heather Graham was a terrible choice for the role of Corrine. I didn’t really like her from the start in the movie… she came across as flighty and even maybe a bit of a hussy. I’m not getting that in the book.

Also, I feel like the grandmother in the movie almost wanted to love those kids, but she just wouldn’t let herself. In the book, this is NOT the case in the least.

What did you think? Am I misinterpreting Corinne in the book? Did Ellen Burstyn try to “sweeten up” the grandmother a bit? Or am I too early in the book to be asking any questions or making any comparisons?

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I haven’t seen the Ellen Burstyn version, but I remember the book. The grandmother doesn’t have any soft feelings for the children. She sees them as an abomination. I don’t think the mother was slutty, but there is definitely something “not right” about a woman that marries her half uncle (actually there is a much more complicated relationship but I don’t want to ruin the other books for you). Then she allows her children to be locked up and poisoned?

In the series, there is a book told from the Grandmother’s point of view. It gives more of the back story and provides the full details of Corinne and Christopher’s relationship to each other.

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Agree with @juels completely.

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@KNOWITALL I love when people agree with me. ;-)

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I did not, and probably won’t. I remember sitting in the original version of the movie restraining myself from yelling about all of the ways that they went away from the book.

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I read those books over 30 years ago and barely remember much about them, except being fascinated to imagine that someone might have a life more miserable than my own.

I was intrigued when I heard about the TV movie with some big names, and hadn’t been aware that a big-screen version had previously been made. By the time the TV version aired, I’d forgotten all about it, so I guess I’ll skip it.

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I read the book, refuse to watch the movie. Lots and lots of incest and severe abuse. I was left with the feeling that the author was depicting her life as a child and it was very disturbing to me, although the books were very well written.

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@tedibear I remember hating the Kristi Swenson version. It makes me reluctant to watch the new version too.

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I started watching the one with Louise Fletcher from 1987… and it’s so inaccurate that I only got through about 5 minutes of it. For one thing, Christopher and Cathy are CLEARLY about 18, or older. And I hate it when things change from the book that aren’t necessary… like them taking a bus instead of a train. Why? Why make it a damned bus?

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Right…they started their “experimenting” much earlier than 18.

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