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Do you believe there is any chance that Justin Bieber will be deported?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) January 31st, 2014

Or is it all just smoke?

Would you be in favor of deporting Bieber? Is that the sort of comeuppance he’s overdue?

Or do you just think he’s a rich kid acting like a typical rich kid?

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No. Nor should there be.

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Deport him where? back to Canada, Naw YOU keep him.

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Like @stanleybmanly said.

The United States is not Survivor. We can’t vote people we don’t like off of the island. i know. i know. the gummint does but i’m just a regular citizen. Deportation is ridiculous and, if you think about it, a little bit scary. I’m probably only fifteen or twenty thousand signatures away from learning a new language myself.

He should go to the same jail and serve the same time as a non-celebrity of the same age and same criminal record would serve.

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He should be, if the USA is to not look hypocritical.

Of course, being that he’s rich and I guess white…well, I’ll belieb it when I see it.

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@Blondesjon We can if they’re not citizens of our country. Just saying.

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@Seek_Kolinahr is right any foreign national with a criminal record can be denied access to the states and he is a Canadian,but as far as I care you guys can keep him.

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I wish you would expound on your “No” answers, @stanleybmanly & @marinelife.

No, YOU keep him, Squeek!! I’m confident there’s a comfy spot in Celine’s neighborhood.

Nah, we’d start a petition to have a statue of you erected in the ironically abbreviated state of OK, Blondesjon. Right between Satan and the 10 Commandments.

@Blondesjon he’s be dead, fast, if put in regular prison population. Instant infamy for an inmate.

Have we deported other DWI’s, @bolwerk?

Apt point, @Seek_Kolinahr & @SQUEEKY2

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@Seek_Kolinahr . . . The Gummint can but we, as in ‘you’ and ‘I’ regular old citizens, cannot. This is probably a good thing since we, as in ‘you’ and ‘I’ regular old citizens, are also responsible for Bieber’s popularity.

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Maybe, if we all just stop caring, he’ll go away on his own.
Really though, would anyone who isn’t famous be deported for these crimes? Celebrities should have to follow the same laws as everyone else.

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@ibstubro: pretty sure the USA has deported DUIs, though I don’t know if the practice was stopped. There was a SCOTUS case about it in the oughties.

This is more than just a DUI, however. Didn’t he also have illegal substances?

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“It is a misconception to believe that only hardened criminals get deported But this perception is completely wrong. Wrong because of the harsh provisions of the 1996 laws, even small misdemeanors can lead to one’s removal from the United States, no matter how long he or she has been a lawful permanent resident. It all depends on the wording of particular statues violated, shoplifting (petty theft), drunk driving, “joy-riding,” disorderly conduct, etc. Any of of these convictions, in some instances, can be used as a basis for deportation.” Source
And that applies to lawful permanent residents.

”...crimes or related activities that the I.N.A. lists as inadmissible.
° Conviction or admission of a controlled substance violation.
° Convictions for two or more crimes (other than purely political ones) for which the prison sentences totaled at least five years. This multiple-offense ground of inadmissibility applies whether or not the convictions came from a single trial and whether or not the offenses arose from a single scheme of misconduct or involved moral turpitude.
Convicted, he would be banned for life.

This is some serious crap. I thought it was just more media hype. Seems to me it would be difficult for the White House to act on the petition before Bieber is tried.

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A very good chance, IMO. My sister thinks he’ll be dead by 25.

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25 was my most recent guess, too, @kritiper.
Being convicted/banned from the US could make or break his life.

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@ibstubro: pretty sure this could happen to Beiber once he’s convicted.

If they can’t remove him for no reason now, they will be able to then.

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Interesting story, @bolwerk, and yes, as I cited above, not only can he be deported, but if given a total of more than 5 years, he will be refused reentry. If that’s the case, I vote we wash our hands of him, and allow Canada to pay for his prison time with his tax dollars.

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I’d really rather have a saner system for everyone, but he’s the last person who deserves an exception.

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I don’t pray and God doesn’t listen anyway.

Perhaps the talentless twit won’t get to drive his pansy V8 powered, cheetah print wrapped Audi R8 for a little while at least.

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Send him back. It’s not like he won’t have a career because of it.

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I’m totally in favor of Justin Bieber getting deported. Once upon a time he was a talented singer to me, but now he’s nothing but a spoit kid. He has changed too much and now it’s time he had someone send him back to earth and turn him back to the talented singer I once knew.

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We can always hope he’s deported. And if he is, maybe he should take Super Slut Miley Cyrus along to keep him company.

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That’s rude. You don’t know she is a slut. Just because she expresses her sexuality does not make her a slut.

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@TheRealOldHippie I wish I could give you more than just one “Great Answer” for that last one!

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