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Shall we mourn the passing of actor Maximilian Schell, who passed at the age of 83?

Asked by ibstubro (18641points) February 1st, 2014

Phenomenal career spanning almost 6 decades.

Recipient of the Golden Globe and Oscar for Best Actor 1962 for Judgment at Nuremberg.

If you have a favorite quote, memory or movie, please post in your response.

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No. He was Austrian. You know who else was Austrian?

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Yes. The Black Hole was a favorite movie of mine.

RIP sir.

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So sorry to learn this. I loved him as a younger actor in, for example, “Judgment at Nuremberg,” but also when he was much older—for example, as “Larry London” in The Freshman. He was hilarious in that, and the chemistry between him and Brando was amazing.

In a very interesting and creative documentary entitled “My Sister Maria,” Schell portrayed his loving relationship with his sister, an acclaimed actress, who died in 2005.

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Topkapi, The Man In The Glass Booth, Judgement at Nuremburg… He was a very talented actor.

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Thanks, @cookieman, @Pachy , & @filmfann <<I knew you’d be here.

I can’t imagine that there were too many of a certain age unfamiliar with Maximilian Schell.

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Oh yes, I forgot “Topkaki.” What a terrific movie that was, and perfect casting. Was Schell ever more charming and handsomer, Melina Mercouri sexier, or Peter Ustinov more lovable and funny?

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No. I wouldn’t recognize him from Adam so lets just let it go.

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“Man in the Glass Booth”! What a good story, and excellent acting.

@ragingloli could you be referring to The Governator?

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@ragingloli Do you mean the subject of this song?

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