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What do you think are the fundamental differences between a beauty contest and a sports contest?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14682points) February 2nd, 2014

Just wondering.

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The pageant is degrading to the participants and equivalent to a show of livestock. It is a contest based on superficial attributes with a mere pretense of being an affair based on supposed talents

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Sports end in scores not subjective to opinions but to the will power of the said team.

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The winner of the sporting exhibition is decided before the participants compete.

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Women wearing tight-fitting bathing suits are prettier than men wearing tight-fitting uniforms with pads.

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One can’t masturbate to sports.

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@Kropotkin spekk fo yoself

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Skill, talent, passion, professionalism & lots of men playing with their balls, unless the beauty contest is held in Thailand.

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Whether visible sweat is acceptable or not. Could you imagine Miss Universe with armpit sweat stains?

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Most times a person is born with beauty but a person good at a Sport works hard to get that prize. hours and hours of practice, not a couple of hours in a beauty salon.

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