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How is iCloud working for you?

Asked by mazingerz88 (25184points) February 3rd, 2014

I just recently got into thinking that maybe I should try using iCloud to store music, photos and videos. This same question have been asked months ago but maybe it needs an update.

I have a Macbook 10.7.5 that I updated a few hours ago. Wondering if iCloud is a good idea. Thanks.

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I’m a huge Apple nerd. iCloud is shit. I don’t really know what it does. I can’t get it to actually work. I thought it would at least sync notes between the notes app on my computer and the notes app on my iphone. No luck.

Apple sucks at online services. Google is good at these things but terribly invasive.

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I’ve stored photos on a CD years ago burning them on my iBook only to find out with a new iMac that they won’t play. I’m lazy and I’m tech challenged and just want things simple. LOL Thanks @johnpowell. I’m so glad you’re here in Fluther-! : )

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I use it to keep my stuff synced between the MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. It seemed to work well, but I’ve noticed that a Note that used to appear on all is now not showing up on the iOS devices. It does run a backup every time I am on wifi and plugged in to a charger. I don’t use my music on the iOS much, so I can’t comment on that, but the photo stream definitely works consistently.

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When it works, it’s fine. I don’t use it for photos, music, or anything large, so contacts, notes, keychain, and calendars are it. I thought it would be handy to get info onto a new laptop.

The main problem I see is when it doesn’t work (your phone doesn’t sign in right, or whatever goes wrong), the default on the iphone seems to be to remove everything rather than keep what was already there until the next time the service is available. I don’t know if this is actually what’s happening, but the net result is I’ve had all my calendars, notes, passwords, and contacts just straight disappear. No “there was an error” message, no “did you mean to”, just gone. Makes the phone and texting system a pain to use without contacts. I consider the other stuff to be nice bonuses, but when the phone fails as a phone, that’s the real problem.

They always come back shortly, sometimes I have to manually turn the syncing back on in the settings, but it seems if all the information was on my phone before iCloud was even implemented, it should still be there. Why not just use the local copy? This seems to be how it works on my laptop, I honestly don’t know why it’s different for the phone.

So, for synching apple devices on the basics, it’s acceptable. Anything more, I’d look at dropbox or other similar services which are really outstanding and have completely changed how I store anything on my computers.

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It works fine for me. I use it to sync photos, music and notes and no issues as yet. We also use it at work to sync diaries etc

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