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Which profession would you have ideally chosen for yourself if you hadn't taken money as a factor?

Asked by jaynorth (37points) February 8th, 2014

please re read the title and answer

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Writer and/or editor. I’m lucky, though, and get to do a lot of writing and editing in my ‘day job’. I’m happy with that. :)

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Webmaster, for an educational website from K – 12 – Ph.D. .

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I still would’ve went for nursing. I didn’t enter nursing for the pay. I got into nursing because of wanting to help other people.

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Smurf bodyguard.

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I wanted to be a veterinarian but got married instead. Bah Humbug.
I took all kinds of biology, physiology, Oceanography, animal husbandry, agriculture/horticulture classes. Yes, a writer also. I dabble but other than one species list of birds of the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountain range that was published in a birding digest for CA. no publications.

Now I just want to raise geese, water buffalo, bamboos and opium poppies in Vietnam. Die in blissful obscurity.

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Author and/or actress. LOL

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Money was not a factor and I had a dream to be an oceanographer, but sadly I found out that my ears could not take the repeated dive routine….though I tried and after 4–5 consecutive dives my nose and ears were a bloody mess.

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Audiologist. Seriously. I believe that what I do is perfectly suited to me. Lord knows I don’t get paid a whole lot for doing it, but I wouldn’t trade the fulfillment I get from helping others and the lack of stress of doing something I didn’t really enjoy for a bigger paycheck.

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My first job offer was as a laboratory assistant with the chief function of making drawings of specimens, plants, animals, whether live or in a microscope at the University of the West Indies. Instead I went for the security of being a civil service employee. Had I gone with the first, I would probably have become an artist or author.

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I would have worked with horses, in any capacity. When I was a kid I wanted to be a race jockey. I changed my mind when I found out how little they get paid for such a dangerous job.

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To be (or not to be) an actor. That was the quest.

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Thank you all for responses

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