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Why was Kurt Cobain depressed?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) February 9th, 2014

Did he regret being with Courtney Love? Was he torn between being on the road and being a father to a little girl? Was it mainly the drugs?

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Self medicating. I think he probably suffered from bipolar disorder or manic depression. He lived a life that just exacerbated his illness.

Sad. Pointless. At least he died rich.~

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Why is anyone depressed? Depression is a mental illness – there doesn’t have to be a “reason” for it.

And how would any of us know the answer to that? We didn’t know him.

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Probably even his friends didn’t know.

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From what I recall, he also had a chronic stomach condition that gave him a lot of physical pain. As I am learning in real life, dealing with chronic pain is definitely a downer.

Like many creative people, his personality was volatile (I’m not exactly sure that’s the word I’m looking for) and his life was unstable. It’s a chicken/egg question with drugs/instability, as with most addicts, but throw an equally unstable spouse and the stresses of celebrity on top of it, and I was not surprised when I heard about it.

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@hearkat “From what I recall, he also had a chronic stomach condition that gave him a lot of physical pain. As I am learning in real life, dealing with chronic pain is definitely a downer.”

Yep. That was the reason he started using heroin in the first place. He had found nothing else that alleviated his stomach pains. Heroin did.

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He had shown signs of Bipolar Disorder throughout his childhood and he appeared to be depressed for most of his life after his parents’ divorce. Like mentioned above he also had persistent stomach pain that he decided to self-medicate with heroin and other drugs. All these issues became too much for Kurt to handle causing him to take his own life.

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There is never just one reason why someone commits suicide.
He was an addict, he felt censored, he felt like a sell out, it’s a lot of pressure to be an idol of millions of teens, he lived in Seattle (gloomy weather & a high suicide rate)…...the reasons go on and on and on.

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Many artists & deep thinkers are prone to depression & drugs. He had no refuge in Cortney for sure.

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Being married to Courtney Love would be sufficient to make any person depressed. I remember hearing conspiracy theories that she had him killed because he was leaving her.

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I doubt she would have been willing to part with his share of Nirvana by selling the rights to Dave grohl if she were that obsessed with him.

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While I’m open to the possibility that he was murdered I seriously doubt Courtney Love had anything to do with it.

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When you do drugs, the connections in between your brain cells get damaged. And it is hard for you to get various emotions in a natural way. My ex was addicted, he was always depressed and then became violent and them we broke up.

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