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What are some good ways to add resale value to my kitchen?

Asked by tigertigertigerwoodsyall (20points) June 30th, 2008

I am looking for some affordable ways of adding resale value to my kitchen and help it stand out. I already have granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances.

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Keep it clean :)

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Do you have an island in it? Those kitchen are worth a lot more. You may want to think about replacing the flooring. Most kitchens are built with linoleum. You should replace it with a hardwood floor or a nice looking tile. Paint the walls a nice neutral color.

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Grab a copy of this month’s Consumer Reports magazine for a detailed article on this very subject.

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I have off-white walls and counters and a beautiful apple-green Italian tile for a back splash. New maple cabinets and wide pine-board floors. it looks beautiful, clean, fresh and doesn’t distract from the spectacular view. (The tiles pick up the colors of the trees.)

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Upgrade your appliances!

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You can also add full tile backsplash, possibly with a mosaic behind the stove, add a pot rack, glass doors with fancy glass, crown molding, under counter lighting, even a garden window, though the added value won’t be much over what you pay for it, people love them. A lot depends on your layout, and what kind of cabinets you have. Best of luck!

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keep it simple and don’t do anything trendy. If you’ve got wood flooring, sand and finish them. Walls should be neutral, and cabinet hardware makes a difference too.

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